Poles insist on holding their own inquiry into plane crash

The Russian Government has a poor recent record in suspected involvement of

murdering people it considers unhelpful.

The Polish Government will be holding its own inquiry into the tragic crash that killed their President and 95 others onboard, although Prime Minister Putin is rushing to hold a Russian inquiry in the hopes of blocking growing rumors that the crash was a deliberate act.

The Russian-built airliner in which the party was traveling to a memorial for the 20,000 Poles murdered by Russian secret police has a poor recent safety record and questions are now being raised as to why the Presidential party was not being flown on a Western-built airliner operated by the national flag carrier LOT.

Suspicions are raised because the wave of recent murders and attempted murders carried out around the world by Russian intelligence services, most notably the attempt to murder the Ukrainian President when he was standing for office.

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