President Trump’s prediction for 2020

Here’s what President Trump says about the 2020 election.

President Trump predicted Sunday that he will have a ‘big win’ in November due to a ‘silent majority.’ ‘THE VAST SILENT MAJORITY IS ALIVE AND WELL!!! We will win this Election big. Nobody wants a Low IQ person in charge of our Country, and Sleepy Joe is definitely a Low IQ person!,’ Trump tweeted Sunday morning.” (The Hill)

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Read the full story on The Hill

Just like in 2016, many pollsters are predicting that the Democratic candidate — then Hillary Clinton, now Joe Biden — will beat President Trump.


Of course, we know how that turned out on Election Day four years ago.


It seems that President Trump agreed, tweeting over the weekend that he expected a “big win” in November.

Three states will have primaries tomorrow: Colorado, Oklahoma, and Utah.

Most of the primaries to watch in these three states will set the match-ups for competitive House and Senate races in the fall. But in one battle, the winner will be the strong favorite in November. That’s in Utah’s heavily Republican 1st District.” (Roll Call)

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In Colorado, both major political parties are watching the Senate primary.


Sen. Cory Gardner is the incumbent Republican, and the winner of the Democratic primary will face him in November. Sen. Gardner’s seat is an important one for Republicans to keep.


Erstwhile 2020 candidate John Hickenlooper is the “establishment” pick to win the Senate Democratic primary, despite a challenging spring — complete with a state ethics violation judgment from his time as governor.

Will the progressives triumph over the Democratic establishment again? They think so.

“Progressives energized by last week’s congressional primaries have another high-ranking House Democrat in their sights: Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal of Massachusetts. Neal, 71, is facing a challenge from Alex Morse, a 31-year-old mayor who was born just a few weeks after Neal began his first term in Congress.” (The Hill)

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Readers of The Vote like you remember stories of how progressives won big last week.


Buoyed by that success, they’re now hoping for another Democratic primary win, this time in Massachusetts — and against another senior House Democrat and committee chairman. The primary will be held September 1.


Yet another win would solidify the progressives’ takeover of the Democratic Party.

Second Amendment groups think new gun owners could be a “formidable voting bloc” in 2020 and beyond.

“Several of the country’s leading gun-rights groups are working to convert many more first-time owners into new gun-rights voters in the run-up to the 2020 election. […] ‘The NRA believes voters who recently purchased guns for self-defense will join other Second Amendment voters and be an even more formidable voting bloc,’ Hunter told the Washington Free Beacon.” (Washington Free Beacon)

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As the Washington Free Beacon reported, “as many as 2 million Americans” may have purchased guns for the first time this year.


And Second Amendment groups think they could potentially have a significant impact on the 2020 election. Check out the interviews and full analysis here.