Project Phoenix has the IRS on their Heels

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Project Phoenix is our national effort to rebuild and make whole all the local Tea Party groups that were victimized by the IRS .


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And by rallying the power of the grassroots, we’ve got the IRS shaking in their boots!

With your support, we’ve begun to show the IRS “enforcers” that although they knocked down the Tea Party movement, they will never knock us out.

But this crucial initiative is just getting started.

Please, make the very most generous contribution you possibly can to Project Phoenix. $10, $15, $25, $50 or whatever you can afford will help our movement recover from this disaster.

Scores of local Tea Party groups across America need our help!

Project Phoenix is our attempt to help or revive all the local Tea Party groups that were targeted by the thugs at the IRS. It is a huge and expensive undertaking.

And we need your help to assist all the local organizations that are in such desperate straits.

You see, thanks to the constant and illegal harassment by the federal government, many, many local groups were crippled. Many were driven out of business completely.

And that was the evil goal of this coordinated national assault.

Government agents at the IRS deliberately targeted Tea Party Patriots and hundreds of local citizen-led groups in an effort to slow us down and “contain” the Tea Party rebellion.

They wanted to make participating in political debate so miserable that thousands of ordinary Americans would just give up.

And unfortunately, in all too many cases they succeeded.

Citizen activists understandably chose not to get involved in politics because they feared the wrath of the Federal Government!

But now that their scheme is public, we need to repair all that damage by reviving and rebuilding scores of local Tea Party groups.

Please make the very best donation you possibly can to Project Phoenix.

And then forward this email to everyone you know.

Please, this is very urgent.

We need to track down all the citizen activists who gave up over the past two years. We need to help make whole all the local Tea Party groups that are still struggling because of the IRS.

And we need to act fast.

Please help. And ask anyone you know who cares about the Tea Party movement and standing up to big government to do the same. Please forward this email today.

Just imagine how different things might be had the IRS not smothered so many local Tea Parties. Just think of how much more power and influence our movement would have had.

This year’s bipartisan tax increase never would have passed.

Sell-out “Republican” governors who are now embracing Obamacare probably would have a different view.

Last year’s elections may have even turned out differently!

What the federal government and the IRS bullies did changed American history. They prevented the American people from exercising their inalienable rights!

These thugs got exactly what they wanted.

But now, with your support, we’re beginning to turn the tables!

Please make your very best contribution to fund Project Phoenix right away, and help the Tea Party movement rise again!



The Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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