Quisling Clegg negotiates British Surrender


British Deputy Prime Minister Clegg has been engaged in surrender negotiations with Eurocrats, it was proudly announced this week by LibDem sources.


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This week LibDem sources proudly announced that their Leader Nick Clegg, himself a former unelected Eurocrat, has been engaged in an extensive set of negotiations with Eurocrats to undermine the position of the British Government after its pre-Christmas triumph at a EuroSummit.

A LibDem source claimed, “we can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and strike a blow against the dangerous concept of democracy”

It is not known how far British Prime Minister Cameron, himself a reluctant hero, is encouraging Clegg. He is believed to be keen to stop the Conservative dog wagging the LibDem tail in the pre-Christmas show of democracy that threatens the professional political elite of Europe.


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