Rally Kits ready to ship!!

April 15th will mark the tenth anniversary of Tea Party Patriots’ inaugural Tax Day Tea Parties. In early 2009, nearly a trillion dollars in “stimulus” spending had just been wrung out of taxpayers like you. It was then handed out to political cronies, including green energy scams like Solyndra, and a herd of other special interests lining up at the government spending trough.


Now, ten years later, you and I see mainstream Democrat presidential candidates call for an all-out socialist vision for America. In response, you and your fellow tea partiers have said, NO WAY! And, so far, over 300 Stop Socialism Choose Freedom rallies across the nation are planned for Tax Day 2019!

With your support, patriots and their local tea party groups can continue to receive critical support and supplies that will amplify your voice and multiply your efforts to fight socialism!


Would you consider making a monthly donation today for just $10 a month so that we can continue to provide critical resources and support to our citizen activists?

With just over two weeks left until April 15th, tea party activists are gearing up for Stop Socialism Choose Freedom rallies that will mark the tenth anniversary of our very first Tax Day Tea Parties. To empower the patriots organizing these rallies, we have put together powerful rally kits packed with resources to promote and celebrate these events, and the kits are shipping this week!


We need your help! Your donation today will literally pay for the shipping cost to send a Rally Kit to an organizer. We are also expecting a last-minute flurry or organizers to sign up to host rallies (it always happens!) and sending Rally Kits out with fast shipping costs even more, but we don’t want to leave those organizers high and dry. You can equip Tea Partiers in cities and towns across America with tools and resources to stamp out socialism, and stand up for freedom.


Your help right now is crucial. Your gift of $25, $50, or $100 can help us get the rally kits shipped out to organizers all across the country.


You can make the difference by equipping patriots to reclaim and preserve our most precious freedoms. The very freedoms gifted to us by our creator, enshrined by our Founding Fathers, and protected by the many generations of patriots who have fought tirelessly to preserve them.


Thank you for all you do,


Jenny Beth Martin