re: we’ve got to get America back on track

Product Shortages…


Rising Unemployment…


Skyrocketing Prices…


Runaway Spending…


Welcome to Biden’s America!

I’m Claudia Tenney –– I’m a small business owner, Marine mom, and the conservative Congresswoman for New York’s 22nd District.


I can’t believe what we’re seeing. 


We haven’t seen shortages of fuel and products like this since the 1970’s! Under Biden’s leadership, America is going backward.


I know things are tough right now, but this is just the beginning of Biden’s and the Democrats’ radical future for America. But don’t lose hope just yet.


We have one last opportunity to stop them and get America back on track. 


If conservatives Take Back the House in 2022, we can limit Biden’s power and repeal every one of his radical policies. 


But if we fail, the radical Left wins, and America loses.


Ian, can you spare a few dollars to support my fight to Save America from Biden and the radical Left?

I’m Claudia Tenney and I’m representing New York’s 22nd Congressional District.
As a single mother and small business owner, I understand the importance of hard work, determination, and grit.
I was consistently ranked as the top conservative legislator in New York. As an ardent defender of the Second Amendment, I was the first to sponsor a bill to fully repeal New York Governor Cuomo’s unconstitutional gun-grab. In Congress, I continue to fight for the hardworking families, small business owners, and family farmers in upstate New York.
Strong, conservative women like myself are the future of the Republican Party. If we don’t support them, House Democrats will be empowered to continue their attacks on President Trump and Republicans who stand up to them.

Thank you,

Claudia Tenney