Reich Kanzler Threatens War


Sarkozy could wake up to German troops marching through Paris AGAIN, if he doesn’t get behind the Euro plans of Reich Kanzler Merkel. That seems to be the message coming out of Berlin.


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This is not the first time that Euro Federalists have tried to claim that the EU has maintained peace in Europe since 1945.

Like most Euro Federalist claims its just plain silly. The EU did not exist in 1945. What has given Europe 65 years peace is a series of events that have nothing to do with the EU.

The German National Socialists were soundly beaten by Allied Forces in 1945 and Germany was divided into a number of occupation zones with a very large Russian military force sitting in what became East Germany, facing a US-led occupied West Germany in a balance of terror.

As the USSR tried to expand west, NATO was formed and led by the US and the UK. Proportionately, Britain made as large a commitment as the US. France was never fully committed, partly because of its hatred of the US and UK.

The EC formed initially as a free trade area and eventually developed under Franco German leadership into the EU, with a mission to overtake and humiliate the US.

When Thatcher and Reagan won the Cold War, an unwelcome consequence was the reunification of Germany and the growing desire to expand the borders of Greater Germany. This has little to do with the EU because Germany is seeking domination of Europe which is very different from forming a new Federal Super State.

Of course Reich Kanzler Merkel may have hit on an economic solution for Europe. The previous attempts of Germany to dominate Europe led to an arms race between Britain and Germany that pulled both countries out of the Great Depression as large sums were spent on building aircraft, ships and tanks. The war that followed exhausted Europe but the US then poured in vast sums of money in aid, having made a fortune by sitting out the early war years and selling arms to the combatants. That money, and the site clearance of old German buildings by Allied bombers, created the basis of the German economic miracle. The bad news for Merkel is that this time the US is exhausted also and does not have the funds to rebuild Europe – the days have long gone when the Duchy of Grand Fenwick could invade the US and surrender before the US could, even if Sarkozy is attempting to reprise the Mouse That Roared.

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