Remainers on the ropes as Farage storms ahead

There’s nothing like an election to redress the balance. After months of the media laying siege on Brexit, cynically pumping out the notion Brits want a second referendum, the national debate is finally swinging the other way.

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party continue to storm ahead, unveiling top-notch candidates throughout the week before frightening the hell out of the two-party axis with a pledge to run at the next general election. Given how disastrously negotiations between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May are going – no movement this week – an early poll is surely inevitable.

“MPs will realise that if they carry on trying to stop Brexit, they’ll lose their seats… I think they will be very fearful of what the Brexit Party can do to them,” warned Nigel.

“That’ll give them two choices – either they change and start to deliver Brexit, or we’ll replace them.

Queen of common sense, Ann Widdecombe stunned the establishment with her defection to the BP on Tuesday. “I am standing for the Brexit Party in order that I may campaign vigorously and convince my fellow voters that this time it is imperative to fire a very loud warning shot across the bows of the parties they normally support,” said the Tory Party member of 55 years, on the candidate list in the South West.

But Farage’s sleek outfit is causing havoc for both sides. Former communist Claire Fox will be “standing in solidarity” with Leavers in the North West.

Westmonster’s Michael Heaver will undoubtedly scoop up votes in the East of England where he is standing.

War hero and Brexit Party candidate James Glancy (right) a retired Captain in the Royal Marines who was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for serving in Afghanistan couldn’t be more different to Labour apparatchik Andrew Adonis (left).
Joining them are veterans, nurses, doctors and businessmen. Only Widdecombe, a woman known for speaking her mind, is a creature of Westminster. Compare that to Change UK (shouldn’t it be “Same UK”?) formerly known as the Independent Group or TIG, and also Remain Alliance. On Tuesday the pro-EU party proudly presented two media personalities, Rachel Johnson – sister of Boris – and Gavin Esler, a former Newsnight presenter, crucible of the BBC’s extreme lefty-liberal bias. Hardly earth shattering.

And aside from the name recognition fiasco, it was also soon revealed CUK/TIG/RA had not even bothered to vet their candidates, in the typical establishment belief that any Remainer is as good as gold.

One candidate had previously tweeted the huge number of Romanian pickpockets on the London Underground “kind [of] makes me want #Brexit”, another had put up a series of racist social media posts. De facto leader Chuka Umunna defended his party’s complacency by arguing they’d acted quickly in dismissing the two candidates. A pitiful argument, not helped by the blatant lie in their latest campaign video.

The Brexiteers are fighting back. Help us to capitalise on renewed momentum by supporting our great work.


But Change UK’s real gift to the 17.4 million is in fragmenting the Remain vote. On 23 May, Eurofanatics will be torn between them, the Lib Dems, the Greens and even the Labour Party. A massive row is brewing at Labour HQ over omitting a second referendum pledge from the party’s European elections leaflet. Chances are, it’ll be fudged in, providing yet more confusion and outrage. Fantastic!

A “Remain Alliance” had been mooted to concentrate Remain votes towards a limited number of candidates, but Change torpedoed the idea.

The madness doesn’t stop there. Having said as recently as two weeks ago that “Brexit can and must be stopped”, Andrew Adonis, who is running against Widdecombe in the South West, has had a sudden change of heart. “Labour has put forward a sensible plan that would ensure a close economic relationship with the EU after Brexit,” said the Westminster swamp creature in a statement no-one will ever believe. Widdecombe will destroy him.

​Adonis isn’t a unique specimen. Members of the Tories’ 1922 committee are of the same species. Having hinted at bringing forward Theresa May’s overdue departure via some rule changes – the party leader is currently immune from a no-confidence vote until December – Sir Graham Brady’s committee bottled it, settling on asking May when she intends to leave, an utterly toothless gesture.

Trying to beat Brady in the pointless antics stakes was May herself, who was said to be considering a forth meaningful vote in the shape of the Withdrawal Bill, a desperate bid to inject momentum now that Jeremy Corbyn has scuppered talks.

Unsurprisingly, the plans were dropped. May doesn’t have a majority, her deal has already failed three times with no sign the valiant DUP or her own backbenchers will change their minds. Brady was also rumoured to be preparing an amendment taking out the Irish backstop in order to get the DUP onside, a ploy he’s already tried and failed.

Contrast Brady and Adonis and the rest of their kind with the DUP’s Ian Paisley (see video above) and Sammy Wilson, two friends of this campaign who deserve more credit than anyone for stopping May’s deal and killing off her mad idea of another attempt. No matter what you hear in the media Paisley and Wilson are nearer to the national consensus, why else would Farage’s party be storming ahead?

Bring on that election.

In economic news: As the press continues to preface good news business articles with the refrain, “despite Brexit uncertainty” the economy once again defies the forecasts. Employment has hit a record high for the millennium. Growth, wages (inflation accounted for) and investment are all rising, with the UK knocking the US off the top spot of EY’s global investment index. Trade, particularly with Ireland, is also strong.

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