Remind President Obama who’s really in charge


We are just a handful of Senate votes short in the effort to completely defund Barack Obama’s Executive Amnesty and make him enforce the immigration laws we already have on the books.

This is our chance to remind Barack Obama who’s really in charge and save this country.

However, getting these last few votes is going to be tough. And frankly, after last year’s extraordinary grassroots effort against executive amnesty, Tea Party Patriots is stretched thinner than ever.

Please make an urgent contribution of $15, $35, $50, or whatever you possibly can afford right away.

If we can’t raise $26,054 by the end of this week, we will have to cut back or even cancel our campaign to defund Barack Obama’s illegal amnesty scheme.

Please, please do whatever you can right now.

We’ve already blasted out 1.7 MILLION phone alerts against Executive Amnesty.

And we’ve connected 60,000 Tea Party callers with Capitol Hill.

However, we simply don’t have the money to continue at this aggressive pace. And we are so close to victory.

Please, pitch in whatever you can right now.

Barack Obama took the opportunity last week during his State of the Union Address to brag about how he won two elections and that he’s simply going to do whatever he wants to this country.

He truly believes no one can stop him. He really thinks he’s invincible.

But if we can continue to blast Congress with calls, faxes, and emails, there are enough votes in the Senate to cut off money for Obama’s illegal amnesty scheme and make him enforce our preexisting immigration laws.

There are quite a few Democrats who are angry about this power grab. They will vote against this arrogant president if they know the American people are behind them.

Please don’t give up on this fight. If every Tea Party American chips in, we can beat Obama and stop Executive Amnesty.

Please make the very best contribution you can today.

The American people overwhelmingly oppose this president.

They want Obama to enforce the immigration laws we have on the books. They oppose his efforts to unilaterally rewrite those laws and allow millions of additional illegal immigrants to come pouring across our borders.

But if we can’t force Congress to stand up for the rule of law, none of that will matter.

Please help us continue these aggressive grassroots efforts and make D.C. listen to “We the People!”

Please help us raise this $26,054 and keep this national effort going. We can’t afford to waste this opportunity!

Thank you so much for your continued support.

In Liberty,


Jenny Beth Martin
Co-Founder, Tea Party Patriots

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