Renewables Supplies Take Fright at Hinkley C


Hinkley C published design showing the small footprint of a nuclear power plant against the renewables industry products that destroy visual amenity

The British Government announcements that China and France will build a new nuclear power station at Hinkley and that ‘green’ climate fraud taxes are to be scrapped is causing panic in the renewables industry.


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The reaction of an industry that has been allowed to charge huge sums for low productivity energy production systems is natural. The Government is effectively signaling that the soft days of highly profitable climate fraud services is coming to an end and taxpayers will no longer be treated as a cash cow to be milked by greedy solar and wind energy producers.

However, it may be an over reaction. Cameron loves lobby groups and big business by hates votes and regards them as fools. The current Government announcements have much to do with the prospects of UKIP coming first in the 2014 European elections for MEPs and the prospects of the Tories failing to win a majority in 2015 in the Westminster elections than it has to do with the important consideration of energy production. If the pollsters are wrong and the Tories win through, and the non-UKIP opposition is pretty poor, he will throw out all the cast iron promises he made from 2013 to 2015.

The climate fraud taxes are also less likely to be controlled than the Tory sound bites claim. This policy is made in Brussels by unelected Eurocrats and imposed on Member States. Cameron simply does not have the power to do what he is claiming unless he makes a real U turn on EU Membership.

So after the sound and fury it will be business as usual, massive pay increases for professional politicians, retention of outrageous expenses claims and more misery for the poor bloodied British taxpayer.

The Blair Brown regime, that included Milliband and his Crystal Balls, managed to stick its head in the sand in respect of energy policy and the Coalition Government has managed to follow their inactivity with the exception of talking up an overpriced order for one new nuclear power station.

There has bee a failure over twenty years by British politicians to consider all of the potential sources of power generation and develop a balanced policy that includes a mixed of new emission efficient solid fuel and gas power stations with new and more effective solar and sea generation, with a winding down of wind power which has proven to be hideously expensive, produced significantly less power than suppliers claimed and caused considerable damage to migrating birds, marine safety radar and visual amenity. This lack of intelligent action will be excused on the basis that its policy made in Brussels over which the British Parliament has no control and in the process British industry has been denied the opportunity to develop innovative solutions that can be built in the UK by British workers.

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