Return of the Rotten Boroughs


Tessa Jowell, comptroller of the gravy train for the 2012 Olympics

In 19th Century Britain Parliament had to reform itself to stamp out the “Rotten Boroughs” that were passed on down through families and cronies. Then it was common practice for politicians to bride the voters to secure the “right” electoral vote. The reforms introduced a level of genuine democracy that served subsequent generations well, creating the model that other countries followed.

The Blair Brown Regime idea of “modernizing” British politics for the 21st Century has been to reintroduce all of the corrupt practices of the early 19th Century and add in some new corrupt activities.

In the latest example, Tessa Jowell (her husband was convicted in Italy of corrupt practice there) has been caught sending emails that promise voters in one constituency a seat on the 2012 Olympic gravy train if they vote for a crony.

Perhaps Britain needs to modernize its politics by returning to practices of the 17th Century when politicians’ heads were displayed on pykes from Westminster Bridge to encourage the others.

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