Rio 2016: Vote Windsurfing Lobby Document

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Make a stand for your sport against Olympic big business

I’ve been busy. We are working hard to put together a
all the data and the lobby team to turn around the Council vote
for kite

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Here are the links to the ‘Vote Windsurfing’ public lobby document
which is now available as a free download in the iTunes Bookstore.

Note: You may have to change the ‘gb’ in the URL to reflect the
country in which you have an iTunes account

If you don’t have an iPad, here is the simple word doc

There has been a tremendous amount of support on several Facebook
pages including ‘Vote Windsurfing’ but there is more to do. If you wish
to write to express your concern – and the more who do, the better –
Please contact and tell me which country
you live in and I will tell you exactly who to contact and even give
you a template email to send

Our aim is not to bash kite but to show the strength in depth of

Your support is much appreciated


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