Rules of Engagement Mystery


Nigel Farage MEP, Leader of the UK Independence Party

When Nigel Farage, Leader of the UK Independence Party, was asked on BBC TV last night what he though about the abduction of British sailors and marines by Iranian terrorists, he highlighted a very obvious issue that had escaped previous comment.


HMS Cornwall is equipped with potent armament that includes an armed helicopter to fly shotgun on any inspection team sent by RIB to inspect shipping in Iraqi waters

He pointed out that the MOD claim, apparently fully supported by GPS co-ordinates, has been that the British rummage crew was 1.7 miles inside Iraqi waters at the time that they were forced by Iranian terrorists to head for Iranian waters and detention. He pointed out that HMS Cornwall and an armed helicopter were in attendance and must have seen the Iranian terrorists entering Iraqi waters to make the abduction. That provided ample opportunity to deter, sink or seize the terrorists before they could threaten the British RIB.

US sources have expressed surprise that the British sailors and marines did not open fire on the Iranian terrorists. This may be a case of rules of engagement prohibiting them from taking this course, or it might be a case of the terrorists being much more heavily armed, with a commercial vessel potentially in danger of being hit by stray bullets.

Nigel Farage made the point that the helicopter should have intervened before the incident could develop – and a very good point it is too!!

It could be a case of the Blair regime tying British troops’ hands while still placing them in harms way. If so it would not be the first time.

There is now a growing risk that this Iranian provocation will be used as the excuse for military action against Iran.


Amadinajad, terrorist and would-be genocidal maniac

Mahmoud Amadinajad is smugly saying that the US and British do not have the capacity to invade Iran and that Iranians can ignore empty UN threats. He could be forgetting that its the Legacy Stupid. With both Blair and Bush now thinking of their legacy after office, what better way to balance the mess of Iraq with a successful surgical strike against Iran to remove any nuclear production capability and in retaliation for the abduction of British citizens from Iraqi waters.

Tomahawk Block IV cruise missile

Both the US and UK have a plentiful supply of cruise missiles. Tehran Airshow 2007 could see precision flying displays by these vehicles at low level. Maybe best to avoid a flight line seat and watch it all on CNN!

The Iranians are banking on the US and UK being unable to reach any decision that they will enforce. Iran knows that the UN is an empty vessel that make a lot of noise but delivers nothing. In the process they may be overlooking that both the US and the UK have no shortage of long range weapon systems and could expect very active support from Israel which is threatened with holocaust by Amadinajad and his mental defectives. Its in times like these that nations make small miscalculations that start a major war.

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