Russian Nazi Leader Complains Again



Russian Nazi Leader Putin is complaining yet again. Seems he now feels that the EUSSR and the US are not being tough enough in trying to stamp out his terrorist acts.

As the Russian Army again fires across the border into Ukraine in support of Russian terrorist forces, Putin is increasingly isolated by sanctions but he is absolutely correct in thinking that the US and the EUSSR should be doing much more and faster to reign in his terrorist acts against the Ukraine. Today he is complaining that current EUSSR sanctions are not doing enough in the war against terrorism.

The rest of the world is also dragging its feet and should be taking firm and hard action against the Russian Nazis.

The question still exercising the world is how to effectively prevent further Russian terrorism without World War Three breaking out.

The same question exercised Europe in 1914 and the world in 1939.

The lesson from history is that dictators of Nazi States are only ever stopped by war and the real question is how to conduct an early war with limited casualties.

Failure to act firmly and quickly always ends in a more destructive conflict that covers a larger area.

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