Sadiq’s Web of Terror: Khan Follows ISIS Supporter on Twitter

Sadiq’s Web of Terror: Khan Follows ISIS Supporter on Twitter

by WikiGuido

Politicians have previously been embarrassed by revelations that their personal Twitter accounts follow porn sites, escort services and even brothels. Sadiq Khan’s ‘following’ list is slightly different. Labour’s mayoral candidate keeps up to date with the musings of Majid Freeman, a ‘charity worker’ from Leicester who posts links to ISIS propaganda videos and films presenting Daesh as a reasonable response to the West. Majid has also promoted material on Twitter praising Jabhat al-Nusra, an offshoot of Al-Qaeda. Perhaps Sadiq was hacked?

Unfortunately Khan also follows Hamja Ahsan, a ‘justice campaigner’ who spends all his time on Twitter campaigning on behalf of his brother Talha, who pleaded guilty to providing material support for insurgents in Afghanistan. Talha faced trial alongside Khan’s childhood friend Babar Ahmad, who also pleaded guilty. Khan admits he was close to these dodgy people back in the day, he says that is all history now. The evidence of his Twitter account he still likes to keep up-to-date with them…

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