Sarkozy Did Not Invent the “Sarko Box”


The “Goebbels Box” made the original Poison Dwarf appear taller than those around him

Diminutive Hungarian President of France, Nick Sarkozy was only a plagiarist, claiming invention of a platform intended to enable the vertically challenged politician to see over a lectern.


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The real inventor of what has been attributed to Sarkosy as the “Sarko Box” was really another Reich Kanzler-supporting Poison Dwarf, Joseph Goebbels.

Goebbels suffered many of the same problems as Nick Sarkosy. He was a foul mouthed bigot with an over-inflated opinion of himself, resulting from a severe inferiority complex. Like Sarkosy, Goebbels tried fitting lifts inside his jackboots but this still left him at a serious height disadvantage when making public addresses. He then hit on the idea of having a substantial platform and ramp built behind the lectern.

The ramp is missing from the “Sarko Box” used by Sarkosy, demonstrating that he was not paying attention when copying what should really be known as the “Goebbels Box”. The importance of the ramp is that the head of the vertically challenged politician does not suddenly pop up into view, but rises progressively as the politician walks to the lectern, so concealing the fact that a platform is being used to falsify the height of the speaker.

A psychologist advised BSD that Sarkosy is a complex character. He may not look very bright but his inferiority complex suggests that he is intelligent enough to realize that he is inferior. His attempts to foul-mouth British Prime Minister are a result of his hatred of any politician, which is most, who are not vertically challenged. His blood pressure has risen dangerously whenever filmed alongside Cameron who towers over him.

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