Seven Years in the Making, Seven Weeks in the Taking


The London 2012 Olympics are now underway and so far its been a mixed story that’s giving way to success and great enthusiasm.


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The immediate run up to the 2012 London Olympics was marred by attempts of Ed Milliband and his Union robber baron paymasters to hold the nation to ransom and then destroy the Olympic events. Public opinion commendably swung against the wreckers and they had to crawl away.

Then there were the security scandals as G4S imploded and most of its duties had to be taken over by the military and the police. That drew the focus away from other security companies that had managed to lose the keys to several of the main facilities.

Germans took great delight in claiming that the London Olympics would be a total disaster.

That all turned round with a spectacular, if quirky, opening ceremony which featured some outstanding pyrotechnics and light shows that incorporated a flypast by the incomparable Red Arrows display team, but the two outstanding high points were provided by: HM The Queen enjoying herself by participating in the James Bond stunt that appeared to have her parachuting into the stadium from a helicopter, and; the very original Olympic Cauldron. There had been some speculation about the location of the Cauldron which was revealed as the petals of a circular metal sculpture ignited and raised to form a column topped by flame as the petals combined to form the Cauldron. There has been some complaint that the Cauldron is only visible from within the central stadium, although the Olympic flame at the last London Olympics was also only visible from within the main arena, but it will be visible to a vast television audience around the world.

After all of the sneers and wrangling that preceded the opening, the Olympic Games are now doing what they are supposed to do, show casing the World’s best sports competitors and providing surprises as some competitors find an extra spark that carries them to the podium ahead of the expectations of pundits.

It is sad that many amongst the Olympic “Family” who received allocations of highly prized tickets chose to sell them on to ticket touts, leading to many empty seats, while people unable to buy tickets queued in the Olympic Park to be as close to the event as possible without tickets.

Against that sour note, there were the thousands who lined the route of the cycle races, demonstrating the way that Britons have embraced the 2012 Olympic Games.

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