Shock Horror – Police Search for Evidence to Convict Criminals

policeman and prisoner 5

10 Downing Street has expressed surprise, shock and outrage that the Metropolitan Police are actually looking for evidence to convict criminals. They had thought the investigation into corruption and abuse of power by the Blair regime would just be another quick and dirty whitewash in the style of the Hutton Inquiry. It seems that the police are taking their task seriously and looking for real evidence, with the noose tightening around Downing Street and Tony Blair.

With the Bush Adminstration waiting in their departure lounge, Blair is looking more exposed every day. His hope now is to try to cling to power and put off the day when crinimal charges may be brought against him for corruption at home and war crimes abroad.

It had been expected by Gordon Brown that the inquiry into corruption would help him to oust Blair early and take over as Prime Minister. The latest leaks from the Westminster Village claim that police are starting to find evidence to tie Brown in with the corruption allegations that are being investigated. Perhaps it should be no more surprising, than police searching for evidence, that Brown, as a senior member of the Blair regime from the begining, should be connected to, or have detailed knowledge of, party fund raising, particularly as he held a key role in runnng an election campaign that spent much of the money.

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