Something is Lurking in the waters

John Kennedy for Senate


As we speak, the Swamp Creatures, more commonly known as Democrats, are drafting legislation to make Washington, D.C. the 51st state. Doing that would completely undermine our Founding Fathers’ masterfully written words in the Constitution.

We were able to defeat the Everybody Votes Act H.R. 1 in the Senate, but this next attempt to make DC the 51st state will be MUCH harder to defeat. Will you support me as I stand up against the Liberal swamp and prevent them from overtaking our country?

I’m planning on swatting it down like a horsefly on a hot summer day, but I need to make sure I have patriots in my corner who will stop DC from becoming the 51st state.

$25 to Stop the Swamp
$50 to Stop the Swamp
$100 to Stop the Swamp
$250 to Stop the Swamp
$500 to Stop the Swamp

I have a lot of confidence in my supporters, and I hope you have that confidence in me as we try to Keep the District a District and nothing else!

God Bless,

Senator John Kennedy