Standby to Pump Bilges


Britain’s Prince William and fiancée Kate Middleton pose for the media at St. James’s Palace in London, Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

The long awaited surprise announcement of the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton earlier this week has triggered massive international media interest. Suddenly an army of “royal experts” has mobilized to fill the air waves with an extraordinary volume of utter bilge.

After an eight year relationship, HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton have announced their engagement, with their marriage in early 2011. People around the world wish the couple well and the media has already moved into over drive.

The marriage is expected to be held in Westminster Abbey London and there is great speculation about the date. The army of “royal experts” has produced an array of dates between March and July 2011, each “expert” suggesting special insider knowledge of the date. The British Royal Family is probably amazed to find how many intimate media “friends” they have.

Looking at the probable date, without claiming any insider knowledge, BSD favours a date during the first half of March 2010. We may be wrong and only time will tell. A date in the first half of March would match earlier British Royal Weddings in the time from announcement of engagement to the marriage. Early March looks to be the earliest practical date range for 2011 and is at the upper end of the typical period from engagement to marriage. With potentially highly sensitive elections due in May, a March wedding would stand clear from interaction with politics. The first half of March is often a good weather period in Southern Britain and clear of traditional holiday peaks.

When ever the event in 2011, it will become a national celebration at a time when public spending cuts are expected to bite hard. A Royal Wedding would be a welcome relief from the economic and political gloom.

The announcement this week demonstrates the huge value of the Royal Family to Britain. As Head of State, HM The Queen is refreshingly clear of the scandals that perpetually surround politicians and her example of Duty and Service to Britain stands in stark contrast to the venial behaviour of many politicians. This is frequently appreciated more strongly in other countries than at home where many Britons take for granted the value of the Royal Family and where the Blair Brown Regime encouraged sneering republicanism mainly because the Royal Family highlighted the self serving and scandalous behaviour of the Regime and its cronies.

Over the coming months the media will contribute a huge volume of utter bilge as they try to out do each other in claiming special insights into the Royal Family and the happy couple. Readers, listeners and viewers will need to pump bilges regularly to avoid drowning in inaccurate information.

When the date of the wedding is announced, bookings for flights and hotel accommodation is expected to be heavy as tourists flock to London. The sale of souvenirs will provide a further welcome benefit. Although many souvenirs will be produced outside the UK all the traditional British quality souvenir producers will be very busy and much of the retail activity will be through British retailers.

Much will be riding on the wedding. It signals a new generation for the Royal Family as William completes his service in the RAF as a SAR helicopter pilot and his remaining period of service will provide the couple with some private life together away from heavy media intrusion, allowing them to ease into the duties that they will discharge well.


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