Stark Choice for Scots


The Scottish Nationalists are determined to replace the Edinburgh Parliament with rule from Berlin and the break up of Scotland into three zones, with oil ownership passing to Brussels and the Pound being replaced by the Euro.


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For four centuries, after pleading for the Union of Crowns and then the Union of Parliaments, Scots have been able to dip deeply into English pockets while whining loudly about how unfair rule from London is. It looks as though they will soon be whining about the unfairness of rule from Berlin and having Brussels reaching deep into the Scottish pockets.

So far, the Scots Nationalists have been able to avoid a range of very difficult questions and rely on sentimental ideas of Home Rule. The reality is very different. If the referendum is held in 2014 and a majority vote for full independence from London, the Scots Nationalists are committed to joining the European Union and will be required to become members of the disintegrating EuroZone. They will also have to agree to their budgets being approved by Germany each year and EU plans still call for Scotland to be broken into three zones as new States within the EU Federal Model – so much of home rule.

If they are lucky, the Euro will have died before 2014 and Scotland will be able to establish its own currency the Haggis (probably starting on parity with the Pound and then falling rapidly to 1Haggis:62p. This will create considerable belt tightening in Scotland but will help pay off the £160 billion that will be their share of the British National Debt.

This begs the question – Why do Scottish Nationalists want to give up the level of independence already granted to them and agree to having their government chosen and imposed from Berlin as has happened to Greece and Italy? The answer may be that Salmon and his cronies have realized that they can get better pay by becoming Eurocrats.

The Chinese may wish to live in interesting times, but the Scots certainly will be.

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