Strasbourg Newsletter:February 2007

20th February 2007


United States of Europe – Keeping the Red Flag Flying Here

The February session of the European Parliament was quieter than usual – well, that is what they say, as only 33 different pieces of legislation and other assorted documents were voted on.


Legislation for the tashcan of history

One piece of good news from the Ind/Dem Group is that we hope to be joined by a Eurosceptic MEP from Romania after they have their elections. The Romanian Party wants to join us because, whilst we voted against their country joining, they are against corruption and the EU Constitution and they felt that our group best represented their interests.
Legislative Work


Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage headlined this week with a direct attack on the German attempt to resurrect the corpse of the EU Constitution,


“The German Minister for European Affairs, Mr Gloser, may talk about sustainability and energy policy. However, what he does not talk about, of course, is the fact that this summit will discuss the European Constitution. Chancellor Merkel has made it clear that she is determined to press on and, in fact, this very week in Berlin discussions about the Constitution are going on in secret.


Once again, a great deception is being attempted. You are trying to cobble together a mini-treaty, getting rid of the ‘C’ word and thereby denying the peoples of Europe the opportunity to vote on their own future. It is as if you all have some higher calling and know what is good for the ordinary plebs of Europe.


You might think I am making it all up, but just last week President Barroso said: “As a prime minister I was in favour of a referendum [on the Constitution]”. Since then he has come to Brussels and they have clearly spiked his drinks, because now he is saying: “If there had been a referendum on the founding of the European Community or the implementation of the euro, do you think these would have existed?

barroso hp

President Barroso

In daring even to say that, what Mr Barroso does is to expose the European project. He shows absolute contempt for the people of France and Holland who voted ‘no’. But, more seriously, he shows absolute contempt for the very process of democracy itself. If you push on relentlessly with this Constitution, if you go on denying the peoples of Europe a say in their future, you are storing up very serious problems for our children.


Gerard Batten

This was ably supported by Gerard Batten who was his uncompromising self on the subject of radical Islam.


“The greatest threat to the free democratic world comes from an ideology. The ideology in question is that of the fundamentalist and extremist Islam, which by means of terror seeks first to impose its psychological, and then ultimately its physical dominion on the world. They believe that time and demography are on their side and they have declared war on us.


Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu remarked that the first place to win a war is in the mind of the enemy. Islamic fundamentalists might conclude that they are well on the road to winning that war when its victims do not confront the fundamental cause of the problem. The solution is not for the European Union to concentrate more power in its hands, as is predictably recommended in this report.


The solution is to recognise that fundamentalist, extremist and literal Islam is incompatible with Western liberal democracy and indeed any kind of civilisation. From that starting point we can begin to adopt concrete measures to combat its manifestations through the actions of nation states and international cooperation”.


Gerard also spoke about the CIA flights issue in a similar vein,


“The kidnap, mistreatment and imprisonment without trial of suspects is wrong and, incidentally, that is why I and the UK Independence Party are opposed to the European arrest warrant and the UK’s current extradition arrangements with the USA…. The free democratic world is not engaged in a war on terrorism. This is a misconception repeated in this report. We are engaged in a war on ideology – a war we did not start. The ideology is that of fundamentalist and extreme Islam, an ideology without any humanitarian or civilised constraint. Thankfully, the United States of America is leading the resistance against it”.


Derek Clark

Derek Clark spoke about the European Investment Bank, pointing out that though we are happy to see investment into the UK, we would have more to invest and would invest it better if we left the EU.


Tom Wise

Tom Wise pointed out how the Tories wrote a report demanding that Europe must “absolutely resist” the Member States’ opposition to the harmonisation of waste policy. The Tories obviously want identical wheelie bins in all countries.


Mike Nattrass

Meanwhile Mike Nattrass tried to teach the Parliament someelementary economics,


“I should like to draw your attention to the fact that… the countries which have not yet adopted the Euro are performing better than those who have. Indeed, I must congratulate Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. They have not only shaken off the shackles of Communism but also embraced the free market, low taxation and minimal regulation. Is it any wonder they have the highest growth rates in Europe?


However, I must warn them that this has ended. It will all be downhill from here. Latvia will adopt the Euro in 2008, Lithuania and Slovakia in 2009 and Estonia in 2010 and they will be hamstrung by EU regulation, EU targets and by the EU continually meddling in their economic affairs… One size does not fit all and individual countries know best how to find their markets, manage their economies and trade with the world. Please give them economic independence”.



UKIP is a Dolphin-friendly political party

Finally, a quick word for those who have been told that UKIP is keen to wipe out the Dolphin population. UKIP is most definitely Dolphin friendly – indeed we are friendly to all marine life. However, just as we do not believe that the French, Spanish or Italians should tell us what to do in our coastal waters, we should extend them the same courtesy.


Dave “The Tosser Within” Cameron, Leader Blue Labour

The irony is that this particular smear has been coming from the Tories who support the most environmentally disastrous marine policy of all: the CFP. When we have regained control over our own fishing grounds, we shall be able to ensure that our marine stocks recover. Until that time, any action taken by the EU, purportedly to protect dolphins or any other species, is window dressing.

Based on a newsletter, from UKIP, by BSD News Desk

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