Support the Senate’s resolution against the House impeachment

The Senate is finally taking a stand against the House’s impeachment witch hunt and we want to support and amplify that effort! See below for details!

Action Item #1

Sen. Lindsey Graham introduced a resolution to condemn how House Democrats have been conducting the impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump.


We need to thank the GOP Senators that have signed on as co-sponsors and urge the ones who haven’t signed on to do so!


  • If you have a GOP Senator (or two), call your Senator(s) to either thank them for co-sponsoring, or urge them to sign on as a co-sponsor. The lists for each are below.
  • If you do not have any GOP Senators, make as many calls as you can, with the time you have, to either urge the ones who haven’t signed on yet to do so, and/or to thank the ones who have co-sponsored already.


Go here for the list of Senators that have co-sponsored.

GOP Senators who have NOT co-sponsored yet: Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski.

We will update this as we get accurate official information.

If you call and find out that one of the non-sponsors has become a co-sponsor, let us know!

Action Item #2

We have other action items that we are finalizing right now. As such, we will be adding updates to our page this week. Please check back there throughout the week for the latest information and updates.

Thank you!


In liberty,


Jenny Beth Martin