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The crooked media have spent the last few days shamelessly promoting a petition calling for the democratically elected leader of our closest ally, Donald Trump, to be disinvited from a state visit to the United Kingdom.

They have not given similar airtime to a counter-petition that is gaining support rapidly, calling for Donald Trump to make the state visit. It already has more than a quarter of a million signatures and it will be debated in the House of Commons.
A new poll by YouGov already exposes the original poll as a sham with 49% of people supporting Trump’s invitation to Britain and only 36% of people wanting it cancelled. Our friends at Westmonster have already revealed the strong correlation between those signing the anti-Trump petition and those who signed the sad document calling for a referendum re-run.

And why would ordinary people want Trump banned? He’s already shown how much he loves the UK by restoring the Churchill bust to the Oval Office and making our Prime Minister his first foreign visitor to the White House. He wants to strike a huge trade deal with us that will make us richer and create jobs for British workers.

Metropolitan liberals have been flooding the streets for two weeks now to protest against Mr Trump. All too often the media sees the noisy mobs in the streets as the mainstream, when in reality they represent a small and shrinking minority.

So make your voice heard and show the obnoxious protesters that they aren’t in the majority. Sign the petition and help the silent majority speak. Add your voice to a brand new petition from Leave.EU too. We want to send the European elites a loud message by calling for President Trump to be invited to the European Parliament on top of his state visit to the United Kingdom. The people of Europe are crying out for the change Mr Trump has brought to America!

Kind regards,
The Leave.EU Team