Supreme Court Defenders Coalition Update & Action Items

See below for action items, top links, as well as an attached document for other relevant links/info with messaging to read and amplify by sharing through emails and/or social media. Thanks to all the individuals and organizations for sending various links and information. We couldn’t get all this info together without all of your work.

Note that Senate hearings are scheduled to begin Monday, Oct. 12th.

Thank you!

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Jenny Beth & team

Action Items
1. Sign up for the Article III Project (A3P) email list. They put out a lot of good info and are a great help in getting President Trump’s nominees confirmed. Sign up on their website, just make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom where you can enter your email address.
2. Tea Party Patriots Action grassroots network will be putting on weekly sign waving events in support of Judge Barrett around the country. Encourage your networks to organize sign waving events or join those that get organized in their areas. Dates for events are (since we don’t know exactly when the confirmation vote will happen, these dates are scheduled all the way until the election):
  • This Thursday, October 1st
  • Thursday, October 8th
  • Monday, October 12th
  • Thursday, October 15th
  • Thursday, October 29th
  • Monday, November 2nd
3. Call your Republican Senator(s) and urge them to Fill the Seat and vote to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett.
4. Sign up for this Heritage Foundation event –
VIRTUAL EVENT: Who Is Amy Coney Barrett? A Closer Look at Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee, October 2, 2020
Top Links & Other Info
1. From Judicial Crisis Network
—> Here’s the new ad which will air nationally and in key target states:
—> For background information and ongoing updates visit the site:
2. Great timing: CREATED EQUAL: CLARENCE THOMAS IN HIS OWN WORDS is now available for Pre-Order on Apple TV / iTunes. Please promote on social media to get the word out and boost the awareness and pre-order #s.
The more Pre-order clicks, the better placement on release date, October 6!
Pre-order is available NOW on iTunes. Apple TV /iTunes:

Please check the websites at OR for additional platforms, from iTunes to Amazon to your local cable provider, offering Created Equal. All other account links will be available on 10/6/20.

PLEASE HELP PROMOTE this on Facebook and Twitter. Pass it on!  Questions?

3. Susan B. Anthony List #ConfirmAmy social media content available now on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

6. Quickly processing the Supreme Court nominee can restore order to a broken procedure