Tante Ju Engines Fired Up Again


As Italy descends into chaos, the Germans are preparing to parachute a new group of Quislings into Rome to take over the Government and impose the German will on their one-time Allies.


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The lights are burning long in Brussels and Berlin as preparations are made to mount a second coup in Rome.

The Italian voters may not have elected a Party that could form a majority Government, but they have overwhelmingly rejected the German imposed austerity measures introduced by the first Quisling Government.

There was always a danger of allowing the Italians the change to express their views in a national election and the worst fears of Eurocrats and the German political elite are being realized.

The greatest danger for the ruling elite in the EUSSR is that a clear majority of Italians want to leave the EuroZone and take back control of their economy. They realize that they could emulate Iceland, suffer short term pain but have light at the end of the tunnel. The German policy is to force the Italians to suffer pain for decades in order to keep the Euro, help the German economy, and continue with the integration of Member States into a new Socialist Federal power block that can humble the US and Britain.

The Eurocrats may be in for a bitter fight because Silvio Berlusconi is determined to have his revenge for the Germans forcing him out of office and imposing the Eurocrat replacement. Berlusconi also has another motivation because as long as he is in political power his sentencing for criminal acts is postponed.

Unfortunately, the real victims are the Italian people, a bone to be fought over by two rabid dogs.

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