Tearful Bully

Labour spin doctors have been working to convince voters that Bottler Brown is really a kind sensitive human being. They started off by trying to get him to smile. This was not a great success and has left him forcing a grimace onto his face at the least appropriate times. Then they tried to get him to break down in tears during television interviews. That was more successful, btu then a bully already knows how to cry when his intended victim ends up biffing him hard on the nose.

After all of this effort, along comes the latest book to include examples of his sociopathic tendencies. Suddenly the media start to talk of shock horror that a Prime Minister should be guilty of abusing his staff and being rude to anyone in his way.

COME ON – This really isn’t news. What would be news if this well documented behaviour was dealt with in the way it would if a teacher or a manager or anyone else used verbal, physical, sexual or racist abuse. We all know that anyone else would have been suspended from work for months and then carted off for trial, their careers wrecked and their liberty constrained.

Well this wont happen to Bottler Brown as long as he is Prime Minister – so he will continue to pull female employees out of their chairs, throw mobile phones at anone in range, push anyne in his way to the wall, and allow his attack dogs to savage anyone who voices an honest opinion.


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