Terrorist Favours for Oil


The emerging story is a familiar one of the Blair Brown Regime’s incompetence and sleaze. Evidence is coming to light that shows a direct link between releasing the Lockerbie Bomber in return for oil from Libya.

There are two stories.

The first is how Phony Blair as part  of his swan song cut a deal with the Libyan dictator that exchanged the Lockerbie Bomber for an agreement to give BP an exploration contract and a part in subsequent production. Even by Blair Brown Regime duplicity, this was an epic with Ministers engaged in a flurry of covert communications with the Libyans and a murky involvement for Mandelson and his rich Russian friends. First the denials and evasions, and then the reluctant admissions as the malefactions are uncovered.

The second story is how the Blair Brown Regime tried to play Scottish party politics by making the Scottish Parliament fall guys for the Blair Brown crimes. This was to be an added bonus of smearing the SNP and costing them votes at the next election. US politicians were quick to round on the Scots and threaten sanctions – the heady days of mounting an invasion to effect regime change having ended with George W and his neocons.

It is beginning to look as though the SNP may have played a poisoned hand well. Under pressure to release the Lockerbie Bomber on a prisoner exchange agreement, the SNP decided to repatriate the mass murderer on compassionate grounds in the belief that he has less than three months to live. Under Scottish Law the Parliament and its Ministers had little choice because there is a clear provision to allow compassionate release of prisoners who have a limited period left to live. By taking this action, the SNP Scottish Government avoided the bear trap dug for them by the Blair Brown Regime, where a release under prisoner exchange would have allowed the Lockerbie Bomber to continue to appeal his conviction and for his family to continue after his death in the fiction that he was the victim of a miscarriage of justice. As it is his conviction stands and his right to appeal has gone.


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