The Adventures of Blundercam – The EU Budget

Neville Chamberlain

Blundercam returned from his historic victory in Brussels.

Blundercam has just completed the Brussels three-step.

Step One – Before he left for Brussels he clearly and confidently stated that the decision of the European Parliament, to award themselves a 6% increase in expenses in recognition of their immense importance, was totally unacceptable and he would ensure either a zero increase or a reduction.

Step Two – He caved in and agreed to a 2.9% increase, returning to Britain to claim “peace for our time”, waiving a piece of paper he claimed to have been given by over-paid Eurocrats acknowledging his victory.

Step Three – Blundercam hires a personal photographer and prepares the propaganda statement to release when Brussels finds a way to smuggle in the remaining 3.1% increase and is caught doing it.

He truly is the heir to Blair.


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