The American Dream Challenge


How concerned are you for the future of our country? Day in and day out we watch as Washington politicians and bureaucrats encroach on our rights and our pocketbooks. How many times have you had conversations with your friends or loved ones trying to sound the alarm and put some urgency in their minds about the challenges we face as a nation? If you’re like us, probably more times than you can count.

What are you willing to do about it?

We want to present you with the American Dream Challenge. For years we have been talking about the need to balance the budget, pay down the mountain of national debt, relieve the tax burden on millions of Americans, respect the Constitution, and uphold the rule of law. Now it’s time to challenge our friends and family to understand why these things are important and to actually do something about it.

How does this work? Here are the steps:

Go to and sign up for your free starter kit.
Invite your friends, family, neighbors, or anyone you decide to your house on the evening of October 2, 2014.
Provide some refreshments (recommended)
Tune into starting at 8pm EDT (other times available for all time zones) where we will host a Livestream to kick off the meeting.
We’ll talk about the challenges we face as a nation and the need to get engaged. Then we’ll introduce the American Dream Challenge.
Encourage your friends to participate in the challenge with you.
Spread the message so that our values will have a big impact in November.

Q: What is the American Dream Challenge?
A: A series of tasks for the 30 days leading up to the general election that will help promote our values and vision for America.

Click for more information. We hope you’ll accept the challenge.

In liberty,
Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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