The Biggest Moment Since Obamacare is Now

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It is time to make our voices heard in a way we have not done since Congress worked to takeover our health care. This week, it is critical you make your voices heard. We must call, show up, and let the Senate know we will not sit idly by while another 1,200 page train wreck of a bill is forced upon us without the time to read it or fully understand the implications of what it will do to our country.


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Over the last few weeks I have wondered what would the vote for the Affordable Care Act have looked like had the Republicans controlled the House of Representatives. Would Republicans have made the excuses and taken part in the the guilt trip laid on Americans by the Democrats? Would they have said things like Republican John Kasich said last week when he invoked religious imagery? Gov. Kasich stated that when you die, St. Peter would not ask you how you helped to make government smaller, but instead would ask you about how you helped poor people. Has Kasich forgotten, or did he never understand that small government and free markets have lifted more people out of poverty than any other form of government?

When it comes to granting exemptions for Obamacare exchanges to Capitol Hill staffers, we hear talk of the Democrats and the Republican elected officials needing to “hold hands and jump off the cliff together.” Neither side wants to actually live under the law the Democrats saddled Americans with, and those on Capitol Hill think they can pass special laws for themselves while the rest of America is stuck with the law they forced on us. This is crony and corrupt.

We have a glimpse of how things could have been with Obamacare in 2009 had the GOP controlled one chamber of Congress as we watch the antics and shenanigans of the US Senate with the amnesty bill. In this bill we see Republicans, in essence, holding hands with Democrats to jump off the cliff to pass a nearly 1,200 page bill that no one has read.

We see a bill that has all the flashy bells and whistles of mandates, minimum triggers, and border security so that, as the bill’s sponsors have admitted, they can “give cover” to fellow Republicans to vote for it. Then only a few pages later, the bill immediately grants the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary the overriding ability – the singular power and authority – to ignore the mandates, the triggers, and the supposedly “required” security. She can do whatever she deems appropriate, like grant fee waivers and allow criminals, such as child predators, to become citizens if she chooses to ignore their criminal records. Like other laws of the past, the fence to secure our border will not happen. There has been a law on the books since 2006 that “mandated” a double layer fence be built. It’s never been built. With this new bill, the DHS Secretary does not actually have to do anything other than present a plan for securing the border for amnesty to be granted.

It is a massive bill that bails out Vegas casino magnates, Vail snowboard and ski resorts, Hollywood and the music industry, the Alaskan fishing industry, and Silicone Valley giants like Facebook who currently avoid paying income tax. If the bill becomes law, they will also have access to a huge new influx of cheap labor. It is no coincidence that Facebook’s chairman Mark Zuckerberg is paying more than $1 million in South Carolina alone for ads promoting the passage of the law (while dishonestly claiming they are being run by a conservative group).

There is one thing that separates it from Obamacare though. Once this bill is passed, it cannot be repealed. Once amnesty is granted it cannot be taken back.

We do not see the Republicans in the House standing up to say “No, we will not pass this bill!” Instead we hear rumblings that something will pass put of the House and that it will also provide amnesty without any real security. The House Republicans could stand as a firewall to protect the rule of law and Constitution. Whether they will or not is yet to be seen. What we have seen is that Patriots across this country will stand to protect the Constitution. That is what we can depend on. When we do, those in positions of power and authority fear us and will seemingly stop at nothing to silence us, as evidenced by the IRS scandal.

There is one last chance to put an end to this amnesty bill in the Senate, but we need to flood the switchboard with phone calls immediately. Click to call your Senators here.

With eternal vigilance,
Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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