The Clinton Foundation’s donors, how to permanently delete emails, Democrats pin their hopes on Bayh, NC Senate race heats up, TPPCF heads to Pennsylvania, and how you can help Congressman Gosar.


The Clinton Foundation Quid Pro Quo
The Associated Press this week released an astonishing report documenting that more than half of the non-government employees Hillary Clinton met with while serving as Secretary of State were donors to the Clinton Foundation. Of the 154 people “from private interests” who met with her, a whopping 85 made donations. And the donations were hefty amounts – at least 40 people donated $100,000 or more, and at least 20 people donated $1 million or more.

The appearance of impropriety speaks for itself. Even the AP notes: “It’s an extraordinary proportion [of visitors to the State Department who made donations to the Foundation] indicating her possible ethics challenges if elected president.” Yes, and that’s putting it mildly.

For more, see AP: “Many Donors to Clinton Foundation Met with Her at State.”


A tutorial on permanently deleting personal emails about yoga and weddings.
Just when it seems Hillary Clinton has exhausted all possible scandals surrounding her emails and her exclusive use of a private server while Secretary of State, some new revelation comes to light and the scandal cycles starts again. The latest revelation comes from (former federal prosecutor) Rep. Trey Gowdy, who explained during a Fox News interview that Hillary Clinton and her team of lawyers used an extreme cyber technique known as “BleachBit” to delete her “personal” emails. This method of deleting and shredding a hard drive is such a drastic move that, as Rep. Gowdy said, the emails were “deleted so even God couldn’t read them.”

Hillary Clinton famously said last year that the personal emails she had deleted were related to her personal life, such as yoga and her daughter’s wedding. Of course, BleachBit probably would not have been necessary for deleting emails related solely to yoga and wedding planning. Rep. Gowdy in his Fox interview discussed the possibility that some of the “personal” emails that received BleachBit treatment could have been related to the Clinton Foundation – more proof that many of Clinton’s scandals are intertwined and closely related. The latest installment of Clinton’s email scandal is yet another reminder of the difficulty Clinton has telling the truth about, well, practically everything.

For more, see Fox News: “BleachBit?! … Gowdy Says Hillary Deleted Emails ‘So Even God Couldn’t Read Them’”


Evan Bayh may be the Democrats’ best chance of regaining control of the Senate.
The fate of the Senate may very well rest on the outcome of the contest for the U.S. Senate race in Indiana. Former Senator Evan Bayh is running for the Senate again, and his candidacy has flipped the race from being a safe bet for the GOP to now looking more and more like a pick-up for the Democrats.

Evan Bayh, a career politician and now lobbyist, would normally not be an attractive candidate. Politico puts it this way: “[Bayh is] an opposition researcher’s holy grail: a former senator who cashed in after leaving office by working for a Washington lobbying firm and serving on corporate boards, while buying expensive out-of-state homes and rarely showing up in the state where he now wants to serve again.”

What’s more is that Bayh has come under intense scrutiny over his residency and how much time he even spends in Indiana. But, as Politico notes, none of that seems to matter. Bayh’s family has six decades of name recognition in the state (his father, Birch Bayh, represented the state in the Senate for three terms from 1963-1981, before being defeated by a 33-year-old Dan Quayle in 1980) and, despite the fact that Trump leads in Indiana by double digits, it looks like that Bayh may well win in November. That one seat could give the Democrats a Senate majority.

For more, see Politico: Can one word – Bayh – win Democrats control of the Senate?
North Carolina Senate race tightens.
Two recent polls show the North Carolina Senate race between incumbent Sen. Richard Burr and former state legislator Deborah Ross tightening. The first, an NBC/WSJ/Marist poll released August 12th, shows Ross leading by 2 points among registered voters. The other poll, released by Monmouth University on August 24th, shows Sen. Burr with a 2-point lead (45 to 43) over Ross.

As the race tightens, the Burr campaign will likely step up its efforts to educate voters about his opponent’s liberal record, which is far to the left of average voters in North Carolina. For example, as executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of North, Ross fought against launching the state’s sex offender registry. Four years later, she opposed a bill allowing public schools to display the Ten Commandments.

For more, see NC Senate race heats up with challenger Deborah Ross

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund heads to Pennsylvania.
With so much riding on the Senate races, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund
is heading to Pennsylvania to help protect Sen. Pat Toomey’s seat. Over the next nine weeks, we will have opportunities for volunteers across the country to make phone calls and engage on social media. For activists who live in PA or neighboring states, we will have canvassing opportunities and other weekend opportunities across Pennsylvania. Will you join us in protecting this seat? Sign up today!


Congressman Gosar’s primary is Tuesday – and here’s how you can help!
For the last few weeks, we have been describing the intense feud between the conservatives in the House of Representatives and the GOP Establishment. Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar is the Establishment’s latest target. His primary is this coming Tuesday (August 30th) and we are doing everything we can to help ensure his victory. Please take a moment to sign up for phone banking. We already have hundreds of volunteers making phone calls this week, but we need your help if we are going to reach our goal of 50,000 calls by Monday night. Sign up here:

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