The Enemy Within

America is on the brink of destruction.
I don’t say this to shock you or scare you — I say it because it’s true.

And I say it with confidence because when I was a young man, I was one of the leaders of the movement destroying America today.
My name is David Horowitz, and 50 years ago I was a Marxist revolutionary bent on bringing America as we know it to an end.
I was side by side with Huey Newton and the leaders of the Black Panthers. I edited Ramparts – the largest magazine of the radical Left.  I marched, I wrote manifestos, and I attacked America whenever and however I could.
Then the Panthers murdered my friend, and the Left helped the Communists win the war in Vietnam, and my eyes opened to the incredible destruction and evil my “comrades” made possible. So I left.
I cast my 1984 ballot for Ronald Reagan and never looked back. I created the David Horowitz Freedom Center to fight the Left, and dedicated my life to exposing them.
I did it because I knew first-hand the threat our country was facing, I knew what was at stake, and I knew that if I didn’t tell the American people what I knew, we would lose our country forever.
Today, I’m asking you to join me in this fight, and make a generous, tax-deductible donation of $45 or more to my Freedom Center.
What we’re seeing today didn’t happen overnight. It’s no coincidence. It’s no stroke of luck. It’s the result of a movement that began with the Communist revolution in Russia and has been 100 years in the making.
For decades now, the Freedom Center has been in the trenches, exposing this sinister movement and warning of what was to come.
America’s domestic enemies have smeared us every step of the way, and worked around the clock to cut off both political and financial support to silence us for good.
We’ve been targeted by MasterCard, DiscoverCard, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and so many more because we’re willing to say and do what no one else would to expose the enemy within.
I spent the last 6 months writing The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement Is Destroying America to explain what is happening in this battle now – how communist and fascist Leftists infiltrated and overtook the Democrat Party…

…how it has become a party of racism and hatred attacking the very foundations of the country…
…how their ultimate goal is to create a one-party state, and to cancel, de-platform, and silence every last one of their political opponents by slandering them as “white supremacists” and worse.
The reviews speak for themselves…

“A Great Book” – Dinesh D’Souza
“The Enemy Within is a book for all patriots who understand that our country is in a fight for its life.” – Mark Levin
“David Horowitz does it again in a must-read for any American concerned about where we are headed as a nation.”  Laura Ingraham
I wrote The Enemy Within because I knew that if America stood a chance, Americans had to understand exactly how sinister and dangerous the new Democrat Party actually is.
I wrote The Enemy Within because I was the enemy within — and I know in my bones what it will take to defeat them.
I wrote The Enemy Within because we’ve reached the point in our history that will decide our future — and we either win these political battles or lose everything that makes us prosperous and free.
So if you donate $45 or more to the Freedom Center today and give us the ammunition we need to expose the Left’s evil agenda to every American patriot, I will send you a complimentary copy The Enemy Within.
Its official publication date is April 6, so you’ll be at the very top of the list to receive your copy.
Friend, the Left is at war with America.
They don’t simply disagree with us about how to make it better — they want to destroy it and make way for their Marxist dystopia.
And they don’t care how much they have to lie, cheat, or steal to achieve it.
So it’s up to patriots like you and me to show our fellow Americans who they really are and what they really want while we still can.

David Horowitz
P.S. I know how we got to this point in our country, and I know how we get out. But the clock is ticking, and our country is hanging by a thread. Please make a generous donation of $45 or more to the Freedom Center today, and as a thank you for your generous support, I’ll reserve a complimentary copy of my latest book The Enemy Within for you, explaining this in depth.

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