The final push

I need you right now. The Lamestream media and their corrupt Democrat Partners are still coming after me, despite the fact that I’ve been a perfect President. They’re practically bleeding LIES, which is why we need to absolutely CRUSH them and their IMPEACHMENT dreams.

Our critical FEC End-of-Year Deadline is at MIDNIGHT, and your support has never been more important than it is RIGHT NOW. It’s going to take EVERY PATRIOT stepping up if we’re going to raise another $250,000 by the end of the night to hit our $5,000,000 GOAL.

This is the final FEC deadline of the year. If we don’t post strong numbers, the Democrats will gain momentum heading into 2020.

This deadline is so crucial to our success that I’ve activated a special QUADRUPLE-MATCH on ALL CONTRIBUTIONS made before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT so that we can finish the year strong.

Please contribute ANY AMOUNT RIGHT NOW to help CRUSH our 5 MILLION DOLLAR goal and your contribution will automatically be QUADRUPLE-MATCHED. >>




CONTRIBUTE $250 = $1250

CONTRIBUTE $100 = $500

CONTRIBUTE $50 = $250
CONTRIBUTE $42 = $210


This is the FINAL DAY to contribute, and I’m counting on YOU to step up, Ian.

My team is giving me the FINAL list of supporters TONIGHT – will I see your name?

Please contribute ANY AMOUNT by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT to help us finish the year strong and your gift will be QUADRUPLE-MATCHED.

Thank you,

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Donald J. Trump
President of the United States


CONTRIBUTE $42 = $210