The Future of Our Nation is at Stake

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In just four years the Tea Party movement has grown from a collection of concerned Americans scattered around the country to one of the most potent grassroots movements in U.S. history.


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However, in order to continue to grow and hold the politicians responsible in Washington, we need to raise $1 million by Wednesday night!

Please make a generous contribution of $35, $50, $100, $200 or whatever you can afford to our 4 Years 4 Liberty $1 million dollar money bomb. Time is very, very short.

The future of our movement is at stake.

Four years ago the liberal Democrats and Republicans were running wild. They were spending billions on bogus “stimulus” programs and nationalizing the auto industry.

So, ordinary Americans took matters into our own hands and held Tea Parties across America.

We fought ObamaCare at town hall meetings. We rallied by the millions in Washington and state capitals across the nation. We helped defend Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin and led a conservative tsunami in 2010.

In just four short years the American people did something the professional pundits and politicians thought was impossible.

We built a national, grassroots, limited-government movement that could hold BOTH political parties to account.

Today Tea Party Patriots has over 3400 voluntarily affiliated Tea Party groups across the fifty states. We are fighting for a balanced budget. We are striking back against ObamaCare. And we will never give up.

However, while we are stronger than ever, we are also coming under more attack than ever.

The big-government Democrats hate us because we stopped their Cap and Trade scheme in its tracks.

And the big-government Republicans despise us because we opposed their plan to hike taxes.

The Tea Party is public enemy number one in Washington! It’s the Establishment versus America!

So every Tea Party volunteer in America must once again take a stand.

We must show these cronies that we will never ever back down. We must prove to them that our success over the last four years was no fluke.

We must demonstrate to them that the Tea Party is more organized and motivated than ever by reaching our one million dollar fundraising goal by tomorrow night!

Please make the very best donation you can. With only a day and a half to go we still need to raise $168,602 in order to reach that mark.

Our movement has been incredibly successful so far. We’ve stopped bad legislation. We’ve recruited and trained millions of pro-freedom volunteers. We’ve stood up to the big-spenders every chance we’ve gotten. And against the odds we’ve helped elect patriots like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

However, we can’t rest on our laurels. Our nation’s future is still at stake.

We need to recruit more volunteers and start more Tea Party groups. We need to fight harder than ever against a political establishment that wants to crush us and bankrupt America.

Please make a secure online donation right now to help us reach our $1 million goal by tomorrow night.

Thank you in advance for your help, and may God bless America and the Tea Party movement!


Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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