The world’s number two favourite whisky brand, The Glenlivet, has today revealed their second release from The Glenlivet Winchester collection, Vintage 1966 – a 50 year old whisky, to be sold in Harrods for £20,000. The pinnacle of the Glenlivet range, the series of rarefied 50 year-old single malt whiskies have been crafted over generations, matured over decades and hidden within the walls of the Glenlivet distillery. With only 100 bottles of this rare and precious liquid in existence across the globe, the whisky has been created by

The Glenlivet Master Distiller Robert Arthur in 1966, and subsequently guarded by the Master Distillers of The Glenlivet, it is released today under the guardianship of Alan Winchester.

The Vintage 1966 joins Vintage 1964 to become one of the most sought after and exquisite whisky collections in the world, representing the legacy of generations of craftsmen that honours the past, celebrates the present and looks to the future.

This commitment to craft runs through The Glenlivet Winchester Collection Vintage 1966 experience: The Glenlivet commissioned Brodie Nairn of acclaimed studio Glasstorm, to produce a hand blown glass bottle around the concept of water, paying homage to The Glenlivet’s Gaelic translation of ‘Valley of the Smooth Flowing One’, with elegant lines lending gentle movement to the sculpted glass. Designer silversmith Richard Fox made the gold stopper set with a smoky quartz Cairngorm Stone – specially selected to echo the richly dark liquid of Vintage 1966. While esteemed wood craftsman, John Galvin made the beautiful cherry wood cabinet that houses the whisky. The entire piece is a roll call of some of the finest craftsmen in the world working today.

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