The Great Bogus Debate


The British Parliament has begun what is expected to be a 20 day process to debate the new European Constitution which has already been signed by Foreign Secretary Milliband and (off camera) by “Bottler” Brown.

Having snuck in out of sight of the press from the signing, “Bottler” has followed up by being conveniently out of the country for the start of the debate.

He is hoping to reprise his invisibility during the first ten years of the Blair Brown regime when he claims to have had no part in Government whilst claiming credit for any economic good news.

He is helped greatly by his own MPs who fear being thrown out by the electorate and are rather more focused on voting themselves another whopping great pay rise than worrying about the future of Britain. For those who may find this confusing, fear of losing a seat and desire to increase pay is not a conflict. The longer they can avoid an election, the longer they draw full pay at a new and much higher rate, but the gravy train goes on after the electorate disposes of them. Every MP thrown out at the next election will take away a golden pension that will be increase in line with the increases in pay.

“Gorbals Mick”, the highly disrespected and partisan Speaker of the House has already defused much of the rebellion by a small and honorable group of Labour MPs, by refusing the addition of an amendment calling for a referendum as promised by Blair at the last General Election.

Hopes have to be pinned on the House of Lords, which continues to demonstrate its value as an honorable and diligent revising chamber. The Lords could delay the legislation necessary to ratify the European Constitution and the real debate is likely to be amongst the unelected Members of the Lords.


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