The House of Lords and the EU Withdrawal Bill






Will the House of Cronies vote to continue full troughs?

On February 21st the EU Withdrawal Bill will be debated clause by clause in the House of Lords. We’ve got a pretty good idea what will happen. We’ve been here before with the triggering of article 50.


A bunch of unelected Lords, including some who get big pensions from the EU, will stand up and tell their colleagues what we – the people who voted to Leave – didn’t know what we were doing in June 2016.

They will say that we didn’t vote to leave the single market, that we didn’t vote to leave the customs union and that we just didn’t understand.

Well we are the Leave voters.  We did know what we voted for. So I’ve decided to do a survey – a survey of us!

I will send the results to the House of Lords to let them know what we Leave voters actually voted for and to remind them that they, as an unelected chamber, have no right to overturn the vote of 17.4 million people.

Please help by clicking here to access your personalised survey link.

Gisela Stuart, Chair, Change Britain

PS If you would like to forward this email to family and friends so they can fill out the survey please send them this link

Thank you.