The Iran Deal could soon be dead, another spending disaster, and other things you need to know

It was another very busy week in Washington! President Trump continued to shake up his team, this time replacing National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster with Ambassador John Bolton, who has a track record of confronting Iran. We hope he will help President Trump implement his America First foreign policy. We will be watching closely, but with Mike Pompeo at the State Department and Ambassador Bolton running the NSC at the White House, we are hopeful that we will soon see the end of the Iran deal and can mark down another “promise kept” for President Trump!

Early Friday morning, the Senate followed the House and passed a $1.3 trillion dollar omnibus spending bill that was over 2,000 pages and packed with new spending on both defense and the type of domestic social programs favored by liberals. Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and members of the House Freedom Caucus, led by Chairman Mark Meadows, all voted against this terrible dereliction of duty, but Republican leadership worked with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to ensure it had enough Democrat votes to pass. President Trump signed the bill after threatening to veto it, saying that important defense related provisions, like a large pay increase for our men and women in uniform, outweighed the unacceptable levels of spending on non-defense items. While we are grateful that President Trump and Republicans kept Obamacare bailouts for insurers and amnesty out of the bill, we are outraged that even when Republicans control the White House and Congress, the spending and debt party in the swamp continues. We will never stop fighting to balance our budget and ensure a debt-free future for our children and grandchildren!

On March 14, students at schools around the nation participated in “walkouts” that were billed as memorials for the students that were tragically killed in the Parkland, FL school shooting last month. Sadly, many of these walkouts turned into school-sanctioned, political engagements that pushed for gun control measures that would infringe on our Second Amendment rights. We are concerned about this, and we would like to get your feedback to determine what actions, if any, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund should take. Please take a moment to complete our survey!


What You Need to Know this Week

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