The IRS is still targeting conservatives!

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IRS should be on FBI Most Wanted list – Action This Day

After systematically targeting conservatives for years, then getting caught for it… the IRS is continuing its discriminatory practices!
Is this some sort of sick joke?

Just last week a federal appeals court ruled to allow a lawsuit against the IRS to move forward after they found that there’s “no reasonable expectation” that the IRS has stopped targeting conservative groups seeking nonprofit status.

Essentially, they put in “temporary” measures to pause their discrimination, but as you and I know, as soon as the pressure is off of them… they’ll go back to squashing our Constitutional rights to free speech.

The fight you and I have been waging against the IRS is far from over, and we need your support today to oust corrupt IRS Commissioner John Koskinen right away. Please help us with your $25, $50, $75, or $100 gift today!

For years the IRS abused its power and systematically silenced conservatives and Tea Party activists across our nation.
When questioned, John Koskinen — an Obama appointee — denied, obfuscated, and covered up for his liberal buddies at the IRS.

And he wasn’t the only one determined to continue these attacks.

Just a couple of months ago, an IRS clerk admitted that — if given the opportunity — he would target pro-liberty grassroots groups like Tea Party Patriots all over again.

And now, a federal appeals court has found that the IRS has simply been giving lip service to the American people, and fully intends to go back to targeting conservative groups once we stop paying attention to them.

That’s exactly what Tea Party Patriots hasn’t given up the fight against the IRS and why we’ve been working so hard to hold this corrupt agency and its hack leader accountable.

We knew they were lying. We knew they’d continue to target pro-liberty organizations. But we also knew that eventually the truth would come out.

In order to get to the bottom of this scandal and hold the IRS accountable, we need your support right away.

Tea Party Patriots was one of the largest victims of this heinous scandal, which is why we deserve answers for why our government attempted to silence the First Amendment rights of patriotic Americans.

We’ve been leading the fight to hold the corrupt IRS accountable from the moment this scandal broke.

We have gathered tens of thousands of petition signatures urging Congress to scrap the IRS altogether and fix our fundamentally broken tax system.

And we’ve held rallies on Capitol Hill with thousands of attendees demanding that the IRS give us answers and be held responsible for their actions.

But still nothing has materialized.

We must continue the fight. Enough is enough from the IRS!

We’re on the verge of victory against this corrupt commissioner, and we need your help to hold this agency responsible for their illegal actions.

Tea Party Patriots has won two major victories against the IRS, defeating their proposed regulations that would have made it easier for them to target freedom-loving Americans and collect personal and sensitive information about donors.

We have firsthand experience defeating the IRS and know it is possible to win against them.

That’s why we must keep up the pressure against Commissioner Koskinen and make sure that the IRS is held responsible for their illegal actions.

This lawsuit against the IRS will be certain to uncover more of the illegal practices they’ve been conducting, and Tea Party Patriots will be ready to pounce on any criminal activities we see exposed.

We need your help to finish the fight. Let’s impeach the Commissioner and ensure the IRS is held accountable for their illegal and unconstitutional actions!


In liberty,
Jenny Beth Martin

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