The Military Strikes Back


British Military Commanders prepare to frag “Bottler” Brown and “Phony” Blair

The Iraq Inquiry seemed like a great idea at the time – to be held in secret, to have no remit to apportion blame, no powers to force witnesses to attend and where evidence would not be given under oath.

Then, like most things “Bottler” Brown touches, it all turned to dust.

The Iraq Inquiry will now be held largely in public and witnesses will be required to promise to tell the truth. Blame will be apportioned and, as the Inquiry gets underway, it is likely that almost all evidence will be made public or be heard in public.

Even secret evidence is likely to be leaked.

The report to be submitted in evidence by the Chiefs of Staff may be a secret document, but its main thrust has already been leaked by angry commanders who have been inching to hold the Blair Brown Regime to account for forcing British troops into an illegal war and keeping them starved of equipment and resources to compete the military task.

The Blair Brown Regime deliberately held off ordering essential equipment for troops to hide the fact that a decision had been made in advance to go to war in Iraq whatever happened. The result was that British lives were lost and personnel were wounded.

The Regime failed to highlight the deficiencies in the US war plans that had been flagged by British military commanders. The result was that the “light-force” invasion was not reinforced to win the peace and reconstruct Iraq. From that lead the humiliating contraction of British troops back to the Basra airbase and the eventual need to replace them with US and Iraqi soldiers to restore order and begin the process of stabilizing Southern Iraq.

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