The Noose Tightens?


Scottish Prime Minister Unelected, Gordon “Bottler” Brown

During eleven years of power, the Blair Brown Regime has appeared to be above the law – any law. It started in 1997 with the Formula One scandal and then raced through a series of scandals that avoided prosecution.

Ministers resigned, reluctantly and after a long drawn out period of emerging scandal, but always claiming that they had resigned BECAUSE THEY HAD DONE NOTHING WRONG, leaving us to conclude that the most damming thing any Blair Brown Regime functionary could be guilty of was the failure to do something wrong.

The scandals have covered a rich range of offences from fiddling expenses, mortgage frauds, petty crimes, major crimes and war crimes. Even at the height of the Rotten Boroughs era of early 19th Century British politics, no Government has appeared so comprehensively greedy, mendacious, crooked, corrupt, corrupting, reprehensible.


Mr David Mills

Now come the first signs of accountability. David Mills, husband of Blair Brown Regime Minister Tessa Jowells, and minor functionary has been sentenced by an Italian court to four years in jail having been found guilty of lying to an Italian court in a plot to help crony Berlusconi to escape jail, during Berlusconi’s first period in power as Italian Prime Minister.

It may be that the Italian legal system will allow Mills to escape jail, but first blood has been drawn.


Mrs Tessa Mills

Mrs Mills, AKA Tessa “Hedgefund” Jowells escaped censure originally by pleading that she was too thick to understand legal documents that she signed at home for her husband. That admission of incompetence appears to have secured her a place in Government where she is responsible for wasting billions on the 2012 Olympics in what might prove to be one of the largest slush funds of the Blair Brown era. Mrs Mills also claimed to have separated from her husband on the instructions of spin doctors, although journalists claimed to have uncovered evidence that she was still living with her husband.

The current scorched earth policy of the Blair Brown Regime is intended to make the British voters so terrified that they will blindly vote Brown back in at the next election. That may or may not work. If it doesn’t we can expect to see more prosecutions as Blair Brown Regime functionaries and fellow travelers are force to account for their malefactions.

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