The people poised to revolt as May fails a third time

We were due to celebrate national independence today. The fact we’re not speaks volumes of the festering incompetence and deceit in Westminster.

It could be worse. Brexiteers scored a historic victory today, defeating Theresa May’s surrender document for the third time: 286 to 344.

However, Eurofanatics are still plotting to reverse the will of the people. After failing to force the government’s hand by hijacking the House of Commons on Wednesday, Remainer MPs will repeat the exercise on Monday. A second referendum or an even worse deal than the current one is still possible, accommodated by a much longer extension.

There is a silver lining. If (when) EU leaders agree to keep negotiations running, Britain will field candidates at the European elections in May, giving Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party a chance to set the establishment ablaze.

“Before 2016, I promised to cause an earthquake in British politics. This time, I will attempt a revolution,vowed Nigel Farage in today’s press.

He won’t be alone. Millions across the country are sick and tired of the lies.

Supported by the masses, Nigel is poised to fight an almighty battle and win, just as he did at the last European elections as well as the referendum.

The DUP rounded off a tremendous week of hammering Downing Street with all ten MPs voting no at today’s vote (Ensure to watch Ian Paisley’s speech to Brexiteers in Parliament Square afterwards).

On Monday, Sammy Wilson bombarded the prime minister in the Commons before using a Telegraph op-ed to unleash a tirade against the government’s plan: “We will never volunteer to Northern Ireland being torn from the rest of the UK.”

The DUP delivered its killer blow on Wednesday, pledging to vote down the deal, regardless of May’s offer to step down if her deal passed.

Theresa May’s deal is dead, but Parliament is still waging war on independence. Help us to fight back.


Special mentions also go out to the 28 Tory MPs who stuck to their word after Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson shamefully sided with the leadership.

“This is not Brexit. It’s as simple as that. The prime minister’s deal is not Brexit,” asserted Bill CashMark Francois was more direct: “I wouldn’t vote for it if they put a shotgun in my mouth.”

So long as Brexit is delayed, it’s not happening. The 17.4 million are being ignored.

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Also, if your MP voted for May’s deal, please get in touch with us to participate in our campaign to unseat pro-Remain Conservatives. Click here to learn more, and here to see which way your MP voted today.

Our deselection campaign is sending the Conservative Party HQ into panic mode – a no-confidence motion is going against Dominic Grieve at his Beaconsfield association AGM this evening – a Tory leadership contest is coming up and we have Nigel’s new party ready to rock the establishment.

The revolution has begun.

Kind regards,
The Leave.EU Team