The People Strike Back


In some countries the strike back has descended into street violence as the ruling elite try to stifle protest

2013 is looking like the year that the people strike back against unaccountable ruling elites in countries across the Northern Hemisphere


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In the US, the Tea Party has come a very long way in four short years. Americans, dismayed by the actions of their first Kenyan President, started to form a protest and lobby group that rapidly expanded to enable protest crowds of a million or more to assemble in Washington and State capitols to protest about the massive waste and mis-government perpetrated by the Democratic and Republican liberal elite who considered the voters of no real account. This week, the Tea Party will come close to, and probably exceed, their self-imposed target of raising US$1,000,000 in only ten days from donations by citizens. The money will help the Tea Party to assist the 3,400 affiliated Tea Party groups across 50 States. Activists will receive training, advertising campaigns can be run and protest groups can assemble in major cities, but the real point of the fund raising target is to show that unlike the liberal elite, the Tea Party raises money from ordinary people who are sick and tired of being ignored, abused, over-taxed and robbed of their Constitutional Rights. The ruling elite depend on massive contributions from shady corporations and commercial lobby groups that pay money into Democrat and Republican Party funds in return for favours, favours that frequently are deeply against the interests of citizens. The liberal elite have started to become alarmed by the growth of popular support for the Tea Party and are talking not of re-engaging with the voters, but spending US$Billions in an attempt to stamp out the Tea Party. In the process, the liberals are attacking not another political Party, but the American citizens.

In Britain, the UK Independence Party has also been making significant advances, being supported by ordinary people and funded almost entirely by individual donations from those ordinary people. It is incredible that the UK Independence Party is standing a local candidate for the Eastleigh by-election, an election caused by the criminal actions of the LibDem MP, the Pervert Huhne. The liberal elite confidently talked of a straight battle between the liberal elite LiBDem candidate and the liberal elite LibCon candidate, writing off the UK Independence Party as a minor contender. With a day to go to Election Day, the UK Independence Party has advanced to the point where it may come second, but could even win the seat and send its first representative to the Westminster Parliament. The LibCons were so rattled that they selected a cartoon extremist candidate in a bid to suggest they might have started taking account of voters wishes, completely misunderstanding that the voters are not extremists, but ordinary people who deserve to be served by accountable honest representatives who will tax and spend wisely and modestly, rather than the pigs-in-the-trough politics that currently swagger around Westminster and Town Halls, greedily exploiting expenses and spending profligately the hard earned money they have extorted from ordinary people. In the last few days of the election campaign in Eastleigh the LibCons and LibDems have been mired in scandals and the Labour/National Socialists have shown how they are regarded by voters, limping along in a very poor forth place. The final throw of a discredited LibCon Party is to bleat that votes for the UK Independence Party will be votes for the LibDems, splitting the LibCon vote. The reality is that a vote for the LibCons, the LibDems, of the National Socialists will be a vote for unaccountable ruling elites. The three old failed Parties have not a cigarette papers thickness between them. It is irrelevant which of them might win a seat in Westminster because they will follow the same disastrous policies and look after their own greedy interests.

In Italy, a new Party has come from nowhere to reach almost parity with the two opposing groups of traditional Italian coalitions. The former comedian leading this new Party is now in a very difficult position of having to decide whether to hold his nose to reach an agreement with the much unloved Silvio Berlusconi, or force a majority Government and an inevitable new election, at which he might win enough additional votes to lead a majority Government. His Party shares some important policies with Berlusconi, notably a desire to end German rule, scrap the German-imposed austerity program, and attempt to create economic recovery by leaving the EuroZone and going for growth, emulating the very successful Icelandic example where Icelanders, free of the ruling elite in Brussels were able to force their politicians to refuse a massive bank bailout, accept some serious short term discomfort, and turn their battered economy around.

In Greece, the fight-back is much more complex and violent. The extreme groups on the Left and Right of the political spectrum are taking violence onto the streets. The long battle between the Communists and the Conservatives is more likely to result in a new military junta emerging to replace the corrupt and incompetent ruling political elite.

As Italy once again teeters on the brink and threatens to bring down the EuroZone, tensions are rising across Southern Europe as the people demonstrate their resentment of German rule to German benefit. Ironically, tensions are rising in Northern Europe as the people resent the profligacy and corruption of the Southern ruling elite. If all members let go of the disastrous Euro currency, there is a possibility that Europe could recover and start to expel the ruling elite.


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