The PM and MPs have STOPPED Brexit Day!

It has been another painful fortnight for Brexit. The 17.4 million who voted to Leave the European Union on June 23rd 2016 have been betrayed. We won’t be leaving the European Union today, March 29th 2019, as Theresa May promised on the floor of the House of Commons over 104 times.

The latest betrayal of the British people is the extension to Brexit-Day. We are no longer leaving today because the British Prime Minister, Theresa May requested an extension to Article 50 from the European Council. The Council then amended Article 50, changing the official withdrawal date to April 12th. This is verging on the unbelievable: a British Prime Minister using European law to overturn British law for the sake of her unacceptable Deal, whilst ignoring the largest democratic decision ever taken by the Great British Public.

Reacting to this, the House of Commons staged a series of Indicative Votes to determine the ‘preferred opinion’ of the House of Commons. This again ignores the express will of the British people. There were 8 motions, all of which were defeated. Find out which Conservative MPs voted against the No Deal and Revoke Article 50 Amendments. You can find contact details of these MPs here.

When presented with all the options, the UK Parliament could not make up its mind. 17.4 million of the Great British public told Parliamentarians they want to Leave the EU. The only way to fulfil the will of the British people is to Leave the EU without a Deal as soon as possible!

A No Deal World Trade Organization Brexit is the only answer to all this Brexit mayhem. It would resolve the issue of the Irish Backstop and there would be no Hard Border on Ireland. Britain could be a global nation once more as we would begin trading with the rest of the world immediately. It would finally deliver the Brexit the British public have yearned for and have been denied for years. Brexiteers must not compromise.

Such is the tumult of our times, even principled Brexiteers and prominent European Research Group (ERG) members have u-turned this week. Notably, the ERG Chairman and staunch Brexiteer, Jacob Rees-Mogg, said he would support May’s Deal because the alternative – No Brexit at all – was even worse. Other ERG members to follow suit were Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab, Iain Duncan Smith and Boris Johnson. However, there should be no doubt on the matter: Brexit is betrayed by this Deal. No Deal is the only way to achieve the Brexit we all voted for and were promised.

The Northern Irish DUP has not wobbled. They have said from the outset they would not support the PM’s Withdrawal Agreement. Their Brexit Spokesperson Sammy Wilson MP has stated the Backstop is totally unacceptable and have advocated leaving the EU without a Deal, rather than with May’s Deal. They have consistently argued the Deal is a betrayal of the Union which binds Northern Ireland to the United Kingdom. The failures of the Deal are not limited to only the Backstop. You can read our research into at least 15 of the major failures of May’s Deal here.

The Prime Minister has reached the end of her tether and offered her job in exchange for MPs voting for her Deal – but only if they vote for her Deal today, giving the Tory Party and the British public a new Prime Minister for the next stage of negotiations. This would have been totally unacceptable! It would have trapped the British people and a new Prime Minister in the Backstop and the many other failures of both the Withdrawal Agreement as well as the toxic Political Declaration. Changing the Prime Minister would not have changed any of the problems with the Agreement, which remains unacceptable under any circumstance.

However, in the end Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement was defeated today by a margin of 58 votes. 344 against, 286 for. The House of Commons has rejected her betrayal Brexit for a third time. Surely her Withdrawal Agreement must not be brought back again. Donald Tusk has confirmed there will be an emergency European Council meeting on April 10th to approve or deny a long extension if it is requested. The Brexit process continues, but still there was no mention of No Deal!

Theresa May should have resigned a long time ago. She should never have been shoed in as Prime Minister in the first place after David Cameron’s cowardly resignation when he failed to con the country into voting Remain! We should have had a true Brexiteer Prime Minister, powerfully believing in our future after Brexit, confidently leading us through the negotiations with the EU. Instead, we have a Remainer who has filled her Cabinet and all Government departments with mostly Remain Ministers. The British people voted for Brexit. They do not deserve a Government unwilling to Leave the EU on any but the softest possible terms.

In another major initiative, please please write to the Prime Minister again to voice your concerns about her Withdrawal Agreement. You can find a sample letter, here. You can either copy and paste it into a new document or print it and add your signature and contact details – adding your address is really important.

The betrayal of Brexit must be opposed! Please continue to contact your MPs to tell them how you feel, so their Inbox and Postbags are full. It does not matter if they do not reply – as they will still get the message. Many of them are commenting about how full their Inboxes and mailbags are, so your letters and e-mails are working – even if you have written before. It is vital your voice is heard. They are your elected representatives. We have another sample letter here, which you can print out and add your contact details. Or you can cut and paste into a fresh document to amend, and please remember, you MUST include your address as it confirms you live in their Constituency and they are your MP. You can find your MP is and how to contact them here.

Good luck. This is really important, and please let us know you get on: e-mail

You voted the MPs into Parliament in the first place, and if they want to make sure you vote for them next time, they must listen to you! Your concerns about our shambles-of-a-Government’s Brexit negotiations must be listened to. You can help us at Get Britain Out so we can help to save Brexit!


The Brexit Vote was the most important vote in our lifetimes. The Government was given the biggest mandate for Leave of any vote in any General Election before, and this is the most important issue since the end of the last World War! The result of the EU Referendum MUST be properly honoured – and enforced. We must not be betrayed!
We only have a short time NOW. It is disgraceful the Prime Minister and MPs have STOPPED Brexit Day today. It is vital for you to help us make sure we can still get the Brexit we voted for.

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Best wishes
Jayne Adye, Campaign Director and the Team at Get Britain Out

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