The Price of Betrayal?


Tony Blair, War Criminal-at-large

The extraordinary and protracted period of limbo is coming to an end as Gordon Brown has his first coronation as Leader of the Labour Party but he still has several more days in waiting before he can be crowned as Scottish Prime Minister – non elect. It is easy to believe that the real reason for the painfully slow hand-over process has been designed to allow Tony Blair to sell his country for the title of President of the United States of Europe – but has he grovelled enough and given enough away to secure the post? Has he been out-Granita’d by the President of France? When Old Nick smuggled that little clause into the European Constitution (ooohps the Treaty of somewhere or other) that cancelled the European Community Free Market, Tony was so dazzled by the prospect of escaping the War Crimes Tribunal and becoming El Presidente of Europe he didnt notice the clause and would have signed that away as well if some Civil Servant in London not noticed and told Gordon.


The haunted look of Gordon Brown, Scottish Prime Minister-in-waiting, non-elect

Gordon Brown has been trying to present himself as a newly elected Prime Minister about to replace another political party, when in reality he has been domestic Prime Minister for ten years and responsible for all the failures he is now trying to blame on a previous ‘administration’.

So whats really happening?


Sir Oswald Mosley, first leader of the rightist (or Mussolini) national socialist wing of the Labour Party, who was ousted by the Stalinist wing and went on to form a British Fascist Party

Well, the Mosleyite national socialist wing of the Labour Party is hoping to move on to take over the United States of Europe, leaving the Stalinist national socialist wing to take responsibility for forthcoming failures in Britain.


Reich Kanzler Angela Merkel, AKA Rosa Klebb

That may be the hope, but first they have to displace Angela Merkel, AKA Rosa Klebb, and the German national socialists who assume that the United States of Europe and Tomorrow belong to them. Rosa had a great Euro conference and she really sorted the Poles out. Maybe she pointed out that Germany would be moving its Eastern boundary back to its 1939 position which would make Poland even smaller and give them even fewer votes under the new system which is designed to give Germany control of Europe. At least this will solve the waste of moving a European Parliament back and forth between Brussels and Strasburg, and make use of all the new buildings in Berlin


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