The Runaway Gravy Train Comes Over the Hill


The runaway EU Gravy Train Comes Over the Hill and its totally out of control.

Days after the European Parliament voted itself a whopping 6% budget increase, at a time when it should have voted a 25% decrease, the auditors failed to sign off the accounts for the 16th year in a row.

This raises many very interesting questions that the Eurocrats and their subservient MEPs will try very hard to avoid answering.

If a national Government has signed up to the raft of Treaties that created the European Union, that should not constitute the abrogation of fiscal care to ensure that its citizens are obtaining value for money and ensuring that there have been no criminal acts or incompetence in squandering hard earned taxpayers’ money.

As every EU Member State has been fully aware that the EU has failed for 16 consecutive years to satisfy the official auditors that all funds have been fully accounted for and correctly spent, every Member State has a government that has seriously, and possibly illegally, failed to safeguard the money raised from its citizens and meekly handed money over to incompetent and/or criminal Eurocrats.

The observations by the auditors suggest that widespread criminal conspiracy has been responsible for diverting large sums of money away from good governance. They have uncovered many examples of money paid in agricultural subsidies for crops that have never been planted or animals that have never been raised. Widespread irregularities appear to feature in the Framework subsidy system that was supposed to be assisting the development of new and better technologies but now appears to be a method of propaganda where activities supporting EU policy are funded from Framework.

When the Eurocrats have failed to spend tax money in a responsible and accountable fashion for 16 straight years in a row, what is there to suggest that they will do any better in the future?

As the auditors have highlighted billions of inadequately accounted funds for past years, should the budget now be reduced by that amount, probably a reduction of 60%, but possibly an even greater reduction.

Should EU Member States now withhold further payments until the Eurocrats are able to present a credible method of ensuring full fiscal accountability and obtain approval by the auditors of the past 16 years budgets? In a retrospective approval, the auditors should be able to identify some money that has been spent responsibility and accountably, enabling them to approve a limited percentage of each budget for the last 16 years. That would then allow citizens to understand the scale of deception, incompetence and criminality to decide what percentage of the current budget could and should be approved.

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