The Scandals Spread

Since the first scandals began to break before the Copenhagen Conference on Climate, there have been waves of new revelations. That in itself is deeply concerning because what is emerging is that there has been a concerted effort by a small number of influential fanatics to hide data they find inconvenient and to deliberately misuse other data. What is making the matter far worse is that scientist after scientist is now coming forward to claim that their reports and data have been deliberately misrepresented and that they had already expressed their deep concerns to those who were rewriting their reports.

Overall, the fact that a number of organizations have been engaged in widespread climate fraud is a major cause for concern around the world because the false claims have been used to justify massive tax increases and to create new dubious industries. More narrowly, it should be deeply concerning that scientists had in effect had their reputations damaged by the actions of others. When a scientist or any other writer has created a document, it is perfectly valid for someone else to disagree with what has been written provided that this disagreement is correctly attributed to the person who took the different view. It is the basis of scientific and academic peer review.

What is not valid is to take the work of another, seriously distort what had been written, and then publish it as though it was the original work created by that other person.

The question being increasingly asked is “Why have climate fraudsters behaved in the entirely reprehensible way that they have?”

The answer is not simple because the Global Warming movement includes many who were duped and have been repeating what they thought was a settled opinion of all of the world’s scientists. They have been abused as much as scientists who have had their work distorted without their agreement. Their fraud is therefore accidental.

Then there are the politicians who have embraced the Global Warming fraud. In most cases they did not have the intelligence to look carefully at what was being presented to them, although they have been quick to take advantage of a concept to justify massive increases in taxation.

The more difficult matter is the reason for scientists to engage in fraud. Partly this is a weakness of the academic environment. A university researcher depends on raising funds. It is always easier to ride on some else’s bandwagon than to take a position contrary to the accepted wisdom. Fund holders don’t like dissenters and most fund holders have their own vested interests. As a result it has been far easier to raise funds for research if the purpose of the research was to justify the Global Warming Concept.

That then leaves the hard core of committed fraudsters. The answer now emerging is that they have been motivated by power and wealth.

The British Government is being exposed as a core source of propaganda and dodgy reports. In recent days it has emerged that the Met Office, notorious for its inaccurate weather forecasts, has been engaged in assisting the fraudsters and using its MOD parent to claim immunity from the Freedom of Information legislation to hide data that exposes the fraud.

It has also emerged that the BBC Pension Fund has been investing heavily in industries that depend on the maintenance of the Global Warming fraud. This creates a conflict of interest and may explain why the BBC in radio and television broadcasts has taken the position that man made global warming is an established fact supported by settled science.

Given the scale of the scandal it is easy to see why support for the theory of Global Warming is now being accepted by a shrinking minority. What is very unfortunate is that the scandals will make it very difficult in the future to gain acceptance of new theories on climate and may become impossible for governments to gain public support for new policies related to climate.


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