The Tea Party case against Clinton, Ayotte ahead in polls, Feingold’s big flip-flop, Grayson’s meltdown, Portman picks up a surprising endorsement, and conservative Congressmen rally to help Huelskamp.

Hillary Clinton

New US Campaign – Hillary4Jailbird – we wish it well. no one should be above the law, much less President of the US. Ed

Tea Party to Hillary Clinton: Good luck courting us.
Writing in The Washington Times, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin makes the case that tea party members – even those tea party supporters who are still unenthused about Trump – have always been and remain resolutely anti-Hillary Clinton. So, while some hopeful Democrats set their sights on the tea party as potential voters who could be wooed, Jenny Beth Martin’s message is simple: Good luck with that.

After all, Hillary Clinton “has a long and well-known history of being an advocate for policies we abhor, and has a character (corrupt and mendacious) and motivations (self-interested) we find unacceptable.” For all of these reasons, and others, it will be difficult for the Clinton campaign to bring tea party people into the tent.

For more, see The Washington Times: “Tea Party to Hillary Clinton: Good luck wooing us”

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Ayotte ahead in the polls.
Sen. Kelly Ayotte has long been considered one of the more vulnerable Republican Senators in cycle this year, and her Senate seat was often listed as being “in play” and potentially determinative of which party would control the Senate. The latest poll from InsideSources/NH Journal, however, shows Ayotte with a commanding lead over New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan, 49 to 41. Sen. Ayotte’s once-vulnerable seat is increasingly looking safe for the GOP.

For more, see Inside Sources: “Ayotte Leads Hassan in InsideSources/NH Journal Poll”

WISCONSIN: Feingold’s big flip-flop on national security.
We have noted in previous editions of this newsletter the prominent role that national security is playing in the Wisconsin Senate race, and this week’s news makes it clear how important the issue is in this race. Sen. Ron Johnson chairs the Senate Homeland Security Committee and has been touting his own record in the Senate while contrasting it with Russ Feingold’s previous record in the Senate. In his speech at the Republican National Convention last week, Sen. Johnson hammered Feingold for being the only Senator in 2001 to vote against the Patriot Act in the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11th. Clearly feeling the heat from Sen. Johnson’s messaging, Feingold this week put out a TV ad called “Tough” to describe his plan to go after ISIS and defeat terrorism in the United States and abroad.

For more, see The Daily Caller: “Russ Feingold Touts Plan To Fight ISIS, Voted Against Terrorist Surveillance”

FLORIDA: Grayson’s meltdown.
At an event in Philadelphia hosted by Politico, one of the publication’s journalists asked Rep. Alan Grayson about his ex-wife’s recent accusations of abuse. Lolita Grayson earlier this week had provided medical records and police reports to Politico to document the alleged abuse that occurred over a two-decade period. Rather than answer the reporter’s question, Rep. Grayson instead called the reporter “a fool,” and accused him of “assaulting a member of Congress” and threatened to have him arrested.

Grayson is vying with Rep. Patrick Murphy (who finds himself dealing with his own ethical challenges, as you may recall) for the Democratic nomination for the Senate race to square off with Sen. Rubio in November. This public meltdown, coupled with other similar outbursts and inappropriate behavior – some of which has garnered a congressional review panel – has led Senate Democrat leaders Harry Reid and Charles Schumer to call for Grayson to quit the contest.

For more, see Fox News: “Grayson threatens reporter over domestic abuse report”

OHIO: Portman lands a surprising endorsement.
Sen. Rob Portman picked up a surprising endorsement this week from the Ohio Conference of Teamsters. The union represents more than 50,000 members across the state and almost exclusively endorses Democrats. What’s even more remarkable is that in 2006 and in 2010, the Teamsters endorsed former Gov. Ted Strickland, who is challenging Sen. Portman this year.

Pat Darrow, president of the Ohio Conference of Teamsters, said in a statement about the endorsement: “Rob is fighting for middle-class jobs and higher wages for the people of Ohio, and he has fought with us to protect our pensions.”

For more, see “Teamsters union picks Rob Portman in Senate race”

KANSAS: Huelskamp gets some help from 3 of our favorite Congressmen.
Congressman Tim Huelskamp is facing a tough primary challenge Tuesday from Roger Marshall, who has the backing and funding of several major establishment groups, including the Chamber of Commerce. The Establishment, of course, would love to defeat a true conservative and a member of the House Freedom Caucus, so it is impossible for us to overstate the importance of this race. This past week, Reps. Steve King, Jim Bridenstine, and Jim Jordan hit the campaign trail in Kansas for Rep. Huelskamp. The three conservative House Members said it is vitally important for Huelskamp to remain in the House and that Rep. Huelskamp has played an important role in providing oversight of the IRS and the entire Obama Administration. We at Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund are in full agreement with Reps. King, Bridenstine, and Jordan about the importance of keeping Huelskamp in Congress, and are doing what we can with our volunteers to help.

For more, see The Hutchinson News: “Trio of conservative GOP congressmen campaign with Huelskamp”

KANSAS: We need your help to protect Huelskamp!
Have you signed up to make phone calls for Congressman Huelskamp? We are doing grassroots phone banking this week to help turn out the vote for Rep. Huelskamp in Tuesday’s primary. Every phone call helps, and we already have hundreds of volunteers signed up for this effort. Please join us!

That’s it for this newsletter. Keep fighting for freedom!

In liberty,

The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Support Team

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