The Tigers are burning Again


Merkel tried bulldozing Cyprus only to face a second Battle of Kursk



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Merkel expected to see her panzers rolling over the Cypriot economy but the vote by Cyprus MPs to reject the bank robbery by Berlin and Brussels is more like a second Battle of Kursk.

The Russia attempts to win a new naval base inside the EUSSR and the Commonwealth is claimed to have given the Cypriots new hope and stiffened their resistance to the Eurocrats.

Where it all heads is much less certain.

The Cyprus economy is still in a serious mess but bailing out the Cypriot banks will not cost that much. Russia could simply write out a cheque and give it to the Cyprus Government. End of problem for the Cyprus economy.

Also end of problem for Russia, protecting the interests of Russian savers with Cypriot bank accounts and security against a new Syrian Government throwing Russia out of its facilities in Syria.

Russia could then move into naval facilities there and be in spitting distance of the British intelligence listening posts in the sovereign bases on Cyprus. Huge new problem for Britain and the US, but also a problem for NATO and Europe.

That assumes that Cyprus will take Russian gold and it assumes that the US, NATO and the EUSSR will let it happen if Cyprus takes an easy way out.


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